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Pollard–>Israel–>Soviet Union – With Friends like Israel…

Posted by M. C. on November 20, 2015

Jonathan Pollard is being paroled. It is part of the deal and there is little we can do about it.

Not that Israel will settle for parole. They want him back. Israel has streets named after Pollard. He is their hero.

It is true that that the US was withholding information that may have benefited Israel’s security. But Pollard handed over much more than that. He sent intelligence data that compromised US agents, communications and US/Soviet Union attack strategies.

What did our ‘best friend in the Middle East’ do with this information? Many, including investigative journalist Seymour Hersch, believe Israel traded this information to Russia in exchange for allowing Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel.

One has to look mighty hard to find references to this past or present in the presstitiute media.

No one in Congress dares mention it. Question Israel and you lose your job.

Like all criticism of friend Israel, Pollard’s lengthy sentence is blamed on anti-Semitism. But when you hear crusty old neocons tell us Pollard is a bad dude and should not be let go but offer no details, the Russia connection is likely the reason.

Remember the Liberty!

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