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Germ Warfare In Ukraine

Posted by M. C. on February 1, 2016

If you were going to build a biological weapons lab what would be an ideal location? Why Ukraine of course. There currently is an outbreak of an influenza super-virus in Ukraine and there is a nearby US virus lab.

What the hell is a US virus research lab doing in Ukraine? Our concern for those poor souls suffering under a US led coup resulting in a hand-picked neo-nazi led government? Sure.

Zero Hedge reports there are claims the virus was ‘accidentally’ released from the US lab.

Does this sound familiar? It should.

More than once US government bunglers have sent live anthrax cultures to labs all over the US and some overseas. Why do we need so many anthrax labs?

The 2001 anthrax attacks were blamed on Bruce Ivins at the US Fort Detrick lab. Ivins is believed by many to be an FBI scapegoat. Were the 2001 attacks a false flag with the intent to boost the case against Iraq?

The epicenter of the African ebola outbreak was a US bio-weapons labs at Kenema Hospital in Sierra Leone.

From Economics Policy Journal

Analysis of clinical samples from suspected Lassa fever cases in Sierra Leone showed that about two-thirds of the patients had been exposed to other emerging diseases, and nearly nine percent tested positive for Ebola virus. The findings, published in this month’s edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, demonstrates that Ebola virus has been circulating in the region since at least 2006—well before the current outbreak, reports Global BioDefense.

It’s really not a big jump to suspect that the military has also been doing research on Ebola as a bioweapon. As the Army Times notes about Ebola, “its stable nature in aerosol make it attractive as a potential biological weapon.” What better place, via the eyes of the U.S. military, to be messing around with such research than Africa? The thinking might go: If there is a misstep with the virus, research blowbacks don’t happen around US civilian populations.

Lyme disease was named after the Connecticut town where the outbreak was first occurred. Just across the bay from Lyme is Plum Island. Plum Island was a biological weapon research center that is now the microbial equivalent of a superfund site.

The US government has often used the unknowing US public as test specimens. Was Lyme disease a leak or a test gone bad?

An influenza outbreak in Ukraine is not so surprising.

US biological warfare is a long time live and well except when someone gets caught.

And you thought ‘they’ were the bad guys.

Be seeing you

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