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Rubio=Cruz=Trump=Clinton=Sanders-A Five Sided Coin

Posted by M. C. on February 8, 2016

Now is your chance to vote Libertarian. It is not as if you would be wasting your vote.

Many of the sources I read say they quit voting long ago or vote with little enthusiasm. I would think How can you do that? What about keeping out the worst of the worst out?

The answer to that question is more obvious than ever this election season. There is no difference.

Ask yourself who is going to make an effective difference. Think ending perpetual war, instituting economic sanity and restoring personal liberty.

Who among the above will does not advocate all out war in Syria and Iran? Cruz makes noises about being in a no-win situation. Trump and Sanders have disavowed Iraq and Trump thinks it OK for Russia to disinfect Syria. No one has admitted the current state of the Middle East is a result of our meddling. No one wants US to leave. No one will close bases in South Korea, UK, Germany nor any of the other hundreds of overseas bases. They all want to lick Netanyahu’s boots once elected. Who will require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent or rant against Israel’s ownership of congress? Trump wanting to work with Russia won’t help him with the unwashed low information masses. Hillary never met a war she didn’t like. Although she is the only candidate to make helicopter landing in a free fire zone with her daughter and a comedian in tow. Sorry, had to say it!

Reagan and Gingrich made noises about reducing government but had no intention of following through. None of the above are even trying to fool us on that score. Sanders want to double spending on everything. The young and liberal progressives (yes, neocons are progressives too) flock to him because of free stuff. Especially college education. Eventually they will learn the hard way that before the government can give them something for free it first has to take it from someone else. Neither party will cut defense, education nor entitlements. Has anyone mentioned the failed audit the fed vote? Counterfeit money is the backbone of warfare/welfare.

The only candidate who wants to end government snooping is Rand Paul but he went to the dark side. So dark he is nowhere to be found. Snooping is about control and that is what drives this bunch of losers. Talking trash on the web about neocons/progressives is as bad as being a terrorist. Hillary has her own reasons for shutting down the internet. Too much dirt out there on her and Willy. Their rug already has a noticeable lump. The patriot act is used mostly for snooping on druggies and justifying free military stuff for police. It is a money game and there is much to lose voting out that law. Speaking of liberty which one was it again that wants to end the drug war…or any war or the DHS, DEA, indict James Clapper or Hillary for lying to Congress…any takers in this gang of five?

Sanders is Hillary on steroids which would ordinarily make him a shoe-in with big government/free stuff progressives except for one thing…he is not a woman. Nod goes to Hillary.

I think the thing that really scares the neocon establishment about Trump is that he believes what he says and might actually try to make good on his promises. No way will that be allowed to happen.

Cruz dares to mention no win wars and crazy spending. Blasphemy! (Not that he would really actually try to do anything about them). His campaign is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.

Rubio will be the anointed one. He will do what he is told, he is dependably establishment, he is one of them, a good little soldier.

More of the same warfare/welfare no matter what.

Real hope and change has no chance until the next great default, which is coming soon and will be big. Maybe then more people will realize what we have now is beyond repair. A crushed economy should convince the few not aren’t already brain-dead that the current regime is a total failure.

I think panarchism is the answer but understanding, acceptance and implementation is a ways off.

Now is your chance to vote Libertarian. The convention is the end of May. Gary Johnson and 11 others, so far, are running. Check it out. It is not as if you would be wasting your vote.


Be seeing you


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