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Apple vs FBI, Goliath vs Leviathan

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 27, 2016

If anyone thinking the government will stop at hacking one Apple phone just isn’t thinking. There are two reasons the FBI will not back off on this issue.

1. They want to set a precedent and get an ‘open sesame’ for any and all encrypted devices. Anyone saying different is either a fool or a liar.

2. The FBI do not want to made to look the fool in the off-chance Apple should win.

The first priority for the FBI is and always has been do nothing to tarnish the image. Getting arrests and convictions is second. Worrying about whether they have the right person is third.

The obvious question the presstitutes should be addressing but are avoiding is:

After spending hundreds of billion$ building data gathering systems, data banking all your internet searches, emails and phone calls, flushing the Constitution down the toilet, strip searching grandmas and toddlers in airports…how did two radicals who traveled to the Middle East, preached jihad over the web accompanied by a half-wit accomplice slip through the government’s fingers?

Think about that the next time you go through the easypass toll and are facial and license plate scanned complete with location, date and time stamp.

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