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Is World War III Only A Few Days Away?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 29, 2016

There are 350,000 troops gathered in Saudi Arabia for ‘war games’.  There are 18,000 Turkish troops gathered in Turkey.  Both near the Syrian border.

Saudi Arabia says they intend to invade Syria.  Ash Carter is non-committal about about whether the US will send US soldiers to their death for Saudi Arabia (and Israel).

Russia says they would consider tactical nukes in Turkey.  What about SA?

Joachim Hagopianin in the linked article suggests there may be a US master plan.

The Israeli-American strategy to upend Putin’s success in Syria could well be setting the stage for the impending Saudi-Turkish-Sunni invasion as a trap where they become the sacrificial lunatic lambs to state-of-the-art war precision commanded by the chessboard master himself Putin. The neocons in Washington may claim that the Arab Sunni coalition is acting on its own accord defying all US directives to not invade Syria or interfere with the peace process in a Machiavellian attempt to wash their bloodstained hands clean from the bloodbath that may soon be spilled. This cunning diabolical endgame scenario also exemplifies how US Empire treats its two longstanding Muslim best buds in the Middle East, priming and setting them up for disaster while pretending to seek peace and harmony with its adversaries. And then like predatory sharks when it’s all over move into redraw, partition, and control what’s left.

Big assumption.  This is the same US that can’t defeat a gaggle of Bedouins with cell phones.  Like someone said the best plans usually go haywire once the first shot is fired.

Fukashima may look like kid stuff before long.

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