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Darrell Issa, NPR, BLS, Government Lies

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 5, 2016

Congressman Darrell Issa gave NPR listeners a shock this week. The Truth! I was listening to Morning Edition and David Greene’s interview with Darrell Issa. The topic was the FBI and Apple.

GREENE: And why is that such a red flag for you because Director Comey described the request as akin to asking Apple to take away the vicious guard dog and let us pick the lock.

ISSA: But that’s just not true. That’s not true. Your listeners need to understand one of your rights is your right to privacy. Now, if Apple creates a backdoor, it’s not removing a guard dog from a criminal’s front door. It’s giving an automated process of unlocking every door in America and unlocking it potentially without your knowing it. That’s really what they’re asking for.

GREENE: And that sounds very dramatic. I mean, the government has said this is one phone and…

ISSA: Look, the government lies. Understand – this may be NPR – but the government lies to you. I have spent 10 years representing the people of California. And I have seen governments, both Republican and Democratic, lie. If you want to promote the fact that your listeners can have all of their data remotely taken by their government at any time if they happen to get a FISA judge in secrecy to give them an authorization to do it, go ahead.

Issa understands hearing the truth about government, that it lies to us (everyday, every way) will come as a shock to the sheeple.

And then there was this:

GREENE: I do want to assure you, I mean, we’re not promoting any cause here. I mean, it’s our role to be journalists. And I guess I just want to hear from you – if you don’t believe the government is simply trying to keep Americans safe and to solve a terrorism case, why do you think they’re asking for more than they need to, as you put it?

ISSA: David, you are being an advocate. So let’s understand this – you keep returning to things that are said by the FBI that have already been shown to be not true. What the director is saying that you’re paraphrasing simply isn’t true. He doesn’t want this one. They have 12 more that they have. They have asked for unlock in other jurisdictions, other cases. And one of our witnesses, of course, has 175 that they want to unlock. So it’s not about one terrorist. It’s not about terrorism at all. The issue is that the FBI asked for more than they needed. And if they were given it, it would set a bad precedent for all of America’s liberties.

Greens says we’re not promoting any cause here and then proceeds to do just that.

Notice Issa’s concern with privacy and rights and Greene’s lack of comment in that regard.

Then there is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

We know the government fudges statistics. We get a good number at the beginning of the month and then an adjustment comes later on page three.

We see non-existent inflation every month at the grocery store. Unemployment numbers ignore the 10’s of millions out of the market. New jobs?

From Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform on February’s 242K new jobs:

Of course, 129,000 fake birth/death jobs were factored into that number. Anyone with a functioning brain (excludes Wall Street economists, CNBC shills, and any government apparatchik) knows that more businesses have been closing than opening for the last four years as Obamacare and government solutions destroy the economy. Rather than adding 129,000 jobs, small businesses likely subtracted 50,000 jobs in February. That would put the true number at about 60,000.

“The U.S. labor market is weaker than the conventional wisdom believes. We estimate based on real-time income tax withholdings that the U.S. economy added between 55,000 to 85,000 jobs in February, down from 175,000 to 205,000 jobs in January. Last month’s growth was the lowest since July 2013.

We cite a range rather than a single figure for our February estimate because the timing of bonus payments impacts withholdings at this time of year and makes our year-over-year analysis more challenging than usual. Part of the sharp deceleration in wage and salary growth in February was likely due to shifts in bonus payments, but the deceleration was too sharp to be explained by bonus-related factors alone.

Our estimate is not an attempt to predict the initial estimate that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) will report on Friday. The BLS data is subject to so many seasonal adjustments and so much statistical manipulation that we have no way to know what the BLS will report.”

The Household Survey is even funnier. It shows that 530,000 jobs were created in February and the unemployment rate of 4.9% sits at eight-year lows. A little digging into the numbers provides a couple nuggets.

  • The number of full-time jobs added out of that 530,000 jobs was 65,000
  • The number of part-time jobs added out of that 530,000 jobs was 489,000
  • The number of self-employed jobs added out of the 530,000 jobs was 87,000
  • The number of multiple job holders declined by 165,000

Only change and government lies are constant.

Be seeing you


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