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Skincential Sciences-Your Cover Up Will Blow Your Cover

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 9, 2016

We know that the CIA is hand in glove with most of silicon valley, especially telecoms, Microsoft and Facebook.  Apple, maybe not so much at least for now.

Now the CIA is in the make-up biz.  Their company is Skincential Sciences according to our friends at The Intercept.

In-Q-Tel is a venture capital CIA front that funds entrepreneurial excursions at our expense. Skincential thier baby.  It is a blemish scrubber that also collects skin DNA.  See this IQT explanation that has been flushed down the memory hole.

The article is fuzzy on how DNA the data can be collected.  I can envision an analyzer chip and wifi built into a brush.  This does not seem to far-fetched these days.

I continually wonder how anyone in good conscience can work for government let alone the CIA.

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