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The Missing 28 9/11 Report Pages – A Surprise?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 12, 2016

Several 9/11 report viewers have as close as they can to saying Saudi Arabia financed the operation without landing in jail. This is years old news.

Let’s just get this announcement over with so CBS can announce the “news” to the multitudes who haven’t been paying attention. Hopefully the media will have the courtesy to provide a map showing where SA is located for their low information viewers. Sorry if I repeat myself.

The war party/neocon bloviated denials will be embarrassingly pathetic.

Referring to a previous post, some real news would be that Israel knew about the plan ahead of time and told no one. That one won’t come out unless the reporter is promised seventy-two virgins for committing career suicide.

We should live so long.

Be seeing you



2 Responses to “The Missing 28 9/11 Report Pages – A Surprise?”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    Saudi Arabia has also done enormous economic damage to our oil industry, the Europeans, etc. by refusal to limit pumping quantities, dumping gas prices. It is laughable to call it ( or Israel) our “ally. “

  2. haibike Sduro

    The Missing 28 9/11 Report Pages – A Surprise? « MCViewPoint

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