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Trump, Discounting Debt and Printing Money

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 18, 2016

Here is a question posed by a friend.  My response follows.

Hey, I’m interested in what you think of Trump’s recently (TERRIBLY PHRASED) proposal to promote recovery or restoration of income, etc. for those still damaged by the Crash of 2009 – 2011.
Here’s a discussion by monetary theorist Ellen Brown.

The Fed has caused the dollar to be worth 1% of what it was worth in 1913. Its main purpose is to bail out banks, fund wall street big shots and pay for war. It ain’t about us little guys.

Passing thoughts as I read.

I will be kind to Ellen Brown and say Libertarian economists have little regard for her economic chops. That said Ellen’s final paragraph is a pleasant surprise.

Ben Franklin was a statist and had the government money printing contract. According to Murray Rothbard in “Conceived in Liberty” the “Continental” became so worthless soldiers eventually did not bother to collect their pay.

Lincoln’s greenbacks killed 600-700,000 so Northern industry could keep taking advantage of the cheap Southern labor. Machine gun disguised as printing press. Most countries that ended slavery managed to do it without killing off a generation. “Robust national growth” consisted to a great degree of crony capitalist (Lincoln railroad buddies) endeavors helped along by fake money and stealing land.

Low inflation is due to banks holding on to a lot of the counterfeit money as the article states. Businesses are propping up the market to a degree by buying back their stock, not by being productive. My understanding is the Dow has only a dozen or so big players propping the numbers up. If all the extra cash were let loose at once I think there would be people with wheelbarrows in breadlines.

Anyone going to the grocery store or buying clothes knows inflation numbers are fake. “Corrections” for farm prices, energy or weather paper over what us rubes have to deal with in real life.

Helicopter money leads to bridges to nowhere, backing badly run solar panel companies, Chevy Volts and Chinese towns that are empty with nearby airports with no planes and “tallest buildings” with no tenants. No shortage of poverty, ignorance or disease though. This is another way of saying central planning government is incapable of properly directing resources. That is what they free market is for.

“Free money” always has government strings attached. Just like when Edinboro accepts government money but has to teach the way the government directs. As you may know the strings are what fouls things up. Remember when W gave us all rebates to stimulate and a large chunk went to paying off credit card debt instead? Best laid plans…

Agree. Fractional reserve banking is like printing money. Lending legal money they don’t have. So when people get scared and go to retrieve their money there is none to be had. Fractional reserve banking should be as illegal. It is fraud.

Ron Paul indeed says to renege on the debt. I don’t understand the legalities/ramifications but I feel certain it is impossible to repay debt without printing massive amounts of money. I read where current unfunded government liabilities of all kinds is roughly $200T. There will be economic collapse well before the printer covers that.

It sounds like The Donald accidentally spoke the truth about paybacks then later “clarified”. Restructuring our debt ala chapter 11 seems the only reasonable solution. Just like in real, beyond the beltway life. Who really knows what The Donald thinks about printing money? He is nuts if he thinks it is a viable solution to our woes. But no worse than the Keynesians running our show.

If printing money is so benign why not fund the government entirely with a printing press? Why not just pay everybody a guaranteed income by printing? That is what The Bern wants to do. It is welfare on a massive scale. The potential doctor who could be treating a cancer instead sits around waiting for the government check just as he was indoctrinated.

Argentina, Venezuela, China, Japan, the EU and the US are all printing money and choking on it. The printing press got the world in the mess it is in and the government solution is more of the same. How can it get any plainer?

The Fed is the proverbial free lunch. No such thing.

Who really knows what The Donald thinks about printing money? He may be nuts but no worse than the Keynesians running the show.

Be seeing you



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