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Spying, Lying, Murder and The Brothers Dulles

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 19, 2016

If you want to learn how we got into the mess we are in The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer is essential reading.

The brothers are Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother first CIA direct Allen Dulles.

You will learn how our current foreign policy of spying, lying and murder and the ongoing blowback got its start. The brothers unusual upbringing and quirky personality development is as interesting as their programs of international coercion and chaos.

It also makes you appreciate the successful US government brainwashing propaganda campaign and our former ignorance (the sheeple still are) that allowed us to accept icon names such as Dulles International Airport and the J. Edgar Hoover building.

I came across this pdf in It is an excellent overview of the book and the brothers.’s%20Holy%20Cold%20War%20Kinzer.pdf

As the Cold War entered its hottest phase in the early 1950s, a hard

line CIA officer named Harry Rositzke was

given one of America’s most urgent jobs.

From a base in Munich he coordinated a
staggering array of covert operations aimed
at weakening the Soviet Union. He ran spies,
directed sabotage operations, and sent many
operatives to their deaths on missions behind
the Iron Curtain. It was the hardest and most
brutal kind of work, but Rositzke, his superiors,
and their bosses in the White House
believed it was urgently necessary to prevent
the very extermination of the United States.
Decades later, looking back over his
career, Rositzke concluded that it had all
been pointless and even counter-productive.
The central effort in CIA history—the secret
war against the Soviet Union—was motivated
not by reality, he wrote in a memoir, but
by “hysteria and paranoia.”…
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