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Trump, Judge Gonzalo Curiel and La Raza

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 11, 2016

The Michael Gerson editorial headline in the Erie Times today.  “Backing Trump Killing Party of Lincoln”.  I say GOOD!  Neocon shill Michael Gerson calls Trump a racist for not liking who is the judge in a lawsuit.

So do Cokie Roberts and her sister Steve on the same page.

Gozalo Curiel is a supporter of La Raza. La Raza encourages illegal immigration and wants to make the land we stole from Mexico 180 years ago a separate country or give it back to Mexico.  This area consists of the southern US from Texas to California.

It obvious why the media fail to mention this but why not Trump’s campaign?

This is why Trump is “racist”.  I am sick of hearing about it.

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