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Did You Hear About the Islamist Terrorist Attack In Orlando? – Me Neither / Wise Advice From The Beaver

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 13, 2016

An attack against LBGTs or anyone else is a bad thing. I am not implying otherwise.

Sunday afternoon I became aware of a “massacre” reminiscent of Virginia Tech and an attack on the LBGT community. Little mention of a radical Islamist terrorist attack.

I found it interesting how much information was made public on Omar Mateen only twelve hours later.

The FBI had targeted him for investigation two or three times and misdiagnosed him benign. He had made the pilgrimage to Mecca. He appears to have been influenced by a local ant-gay imam and the current anti-gay ISIS rants.

His lying father says Omar was not particularly religious and was fairly normal. The Washington Post questioned the father’s truthfulness credentials noting the father is a Pakistan hating, Taliban sympathizer running an Afghan presidency campaign from his US residence.

Omar’s ex-wife said he was violent and repeated beat her. One co-worker said he brought his prayer rug to work, prayed several times a day and was “unhinged” repeatedly voicing his desire to kill gays and blacks. This same co-worker had to leave his job as repeated complaints by him and others about Mateen’s violent threats and stalking went ignored.

Mateen formally worked for Gs4, a UK-based international security firm and DHS contractor. The DHS/Gs4 vetting process must be similar to that of a draft physical. Got a pulse, you’re in.

All but the ISIS reference seemed to have slipped by this morning’s NPR Morning Edition reporter. My impression of the NPR report was – FIB… FBI script. The MSM emphasis is the LBGT connection.

The only thing missing is the history of mental illness and which violent side effect ridden psychotropic drug Mateen was prescribed.

The Virginia Tech “massacre” reference is a prelude to the obligatory anti-gun tirade. The LBGT emphasis is the media reflex du jour. All of which is designed to deflect our thoughts from “that which cannot be mentioned” – Not Voldemort but close, another failure of the multi-trillion dollar US security apparatus.

While known entities are plotting mayhem the government is busy reading your daughters email, making granny remove her colostomy bag during an airport “security” check and entrapping otherwise harmless, alcoholic half-wits (When the FBI regurgitates “the public was never in any danger” I think why then did this happen? Reporters aren’t scripted to ask that question).

But wait, a failure? Maybe not. This is an election year.

It is within the realm of possibility that this is a false flag designed to promote fear and create dependence for Father Washington to protect us. There is the more likely “just let it happen” scenario where a plot is discovered but is allowed to happen as it fits into the grand scheme. The government has done lots worse, think Ukraine. Hopefully we will know the truth in our lifetime.

Although the current excuse for the attack is the gay thing the main driver is no secret. “We are here because you are there.” Bin Laden said it, the Paris attackers said it, the ME is sick of the West’s couple hundred years of meddling.

That being said there has been meddling on both sides as I described while sharing my thoughts on “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise”.

Chicken or egg? Does it matter?

Will there be formulaic bloviation and the usual pouring of gasoline on the fire? Or will there be some outside the Military/Industrial/Congressional/Bankster complex thinking?

I am reminded of a scene in “Leave It To Beaver” where Wally is upset about a tiff with his girlfriend. When the Beaver asks Ward what is going on Ward says it is a boy/girl thing. Beaver asks in an – it’s just common sense – way “why don’t they just leave each other alone?”.

Why not indeed.

Be seeing you


2 Responses to “Did You Hear About the Islamist Terrorist Attack In Orlando? – Me Neither / Wise Advice From The Beaver”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    The law in Florida prohibits concealed carry license holders from carrying in any establishment serving alcohol. Soft target venues, i.e.schools, bars, and anyplace in France will continue to come under such attacks.

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