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Lynch and Clinton, Brazen Hussies

Posted by M. C. on July 7, 2016


Frank McCloud asking Johnny Rocco what he wants and Rocco says “…MORE, yeah that’s what I want, MORE.”

Trump is right about the system being rigged.

Attorney general Loretta Lynch publicly enters a closed meeting with the husband (Lynch seeks HIM out!) of a presidential candidate under possible indictment. A few days later she announces Hillary Clinton-Not Guilty. They are in the same league as those that lied us into the Iraq war.

The power the Clinton’s have amassed is incredible. The parties involved show no hesitation in making a public show of this obvious conflict of interest. They don’t care, the MSM won’t care in a week or so. The neocons want Hillary so they will be all show and no go. Hillary knuckle draggers will bask in the light of her renewed purity.

If you think this is bad now wait until Hillary has assumed presidential power.

The fortune amassed by the Clinton Foundation while Killary was secretary of state will pale in comparison with another Clinton administration. MORE money.

The fortune started amassing before they even left the White House, literally walking off with the silverware. Now that is presidential material. The Bush’s may be lying scum but they left the furnishings.

Look For:

Higher minimum wages adding to those on the government dole. But then that is the plan. Make us all dependent.

Gun confiscation with the help of George the Antichrist Soros and his UN. An armed populace can be hard to control. The mundanes need MORE control.

Internet gateways that will shut out the truth and vomit MORE government lies.

Hillarycare and MORE government programs yet to be imagined that will bankrupt the public and our government. Oops the government is already bankrupt. If MSM reports are correct Obamacare premiums are set to take an Olympic jump this year. If Hillary wins don’t expect any bargains.

The neocon warhawk’s warhawk. MORE NATO expansion and yet MORE Russia and China provocation. The handmaiden of Wall Street, military contractors and Saudi princes will have us in WW III. MORE war.

Thankfully the competition is not a neocon who wants to get us in WW III. War is the health of the state and that is why anti-war Trump is despised.

With the Clintons it will be business as usual except MORE so.

Be seeing you



2 Responses to “Lynch and Clinton, Brazen Hussies”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    “Brazen hussies?” Wow! I haven’t heard that one in a while – so I looked it up. But is there a male version for “hussy?” Is a he hussy a hustler?

  2. My age is showing. He hustler…hmmm.. Obama?

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