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Brexit Notes

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 27, 2016

A few points jump out from this Brexit commentary.

We will hear about dreaded isolationism. The one-worlders and multi-culturalists act as though the UK will build a Trump-wall around the island and turn into hermits.

There is no reason why trade and other mundane daily activities cannot continue with little change. The change the ‘outers’ want and is dreaded by the EU is the UK will no longer contribute to the failed EU state benevolence fund. Not wanting to send your youth to the Grave Yard of Empires is in the mix too and hardly constitutes isolationism.

As mentioned in the article the EU will not be able to dictate when British fishermen can fish in British waters. Similar thoughts should be popping into US heads when WTO, UN and World Court are mentioned. Can you imagine a domestic issue, people gun control for example, played out in a UN sanctioned world court that is presided over by judges from Sierra Leone, France and Malaysia?

People with similar backgrounds have grouped together since the dawn of man. Nationalism has been the natural way of things. Multiculturalism is like oil and water. To live happily in a new environment one must accept the language and culture. This does not mean you can’t celebrate your own culture. Then again if in Rome and you don’t like Romans or what they do, consider living somewhere else. The existence of Islamic No-Go neighborhoods indicates multiculturalism is not well. Muslims do not intend to accept European culture. They are like La Raza and want to convert Europe and England.

Multiculturalism and the flood of immigrants resulting from US interventionism is turning Europe into the Northern branch of the Pan Islamic State. The EU is teetering on edge of collapse and ‘outers’ don’t like what they see.

Then again London has elected a sharia loving Islamic mayor. Our UK brothers are hard to figure out.

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