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Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 20, 2016

Don’t be fooled into believing this is all about our ally ISIS.

So Hillary Clinton says she wants a no-fly zone in Syria and essentially challenged Russia in the last debate.

Russia has as it’s neighbor and ally Syria.  Russia is to be denied ability to influence what happens in its back yard by Hillary and fellow neocons half a world away.  Our way or the highway to hell.

After all Russia has the gumption to locate its country right in the middle of all our other-side-of-the-planet missile bases.

Why does Russia all of a sudden sail it fleet through the English Channel? We are setting them up for a fall, they know it and are tired of taking our shit.

What are the chances of a shoot down by “accident” of otherwise?  It could be Turkey or rebels doing the shooting by intent or merely stupidity.  The Syrian rebels likely shot down an airliner.  Turkey and the rebels enabled gas attacks.  What is another shoot down to them?  They won’t have to mop up.  The US will.

One stupid move by accident or intent by anyone and we could all but glowing.

Clinton – Short for war, power and money.

Donald Trump may be a bitter pill but he is the Hillary antidope.

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