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Media is stage 4 And, By The Way, You Are Stupid

Posted by M. C. on November 14, 2016

The main stream media pundits are reading too much of their own stuff. They are in another dimension.

The media blew it. Their coverage was hugely biased in favor the neocon warparty machine candidate. They ignored or couldn’t grasp the notion of why anyone but ‘racists’ would vote for Trump.

Now that the nation’s preference has been made plain, the media has to come up with an explanation of why the election result did not match their bad prediction.

WaPo, NTY, major TV news mills all found the answer.  The proletariat is too dumb to understand the truth as the media portrays it. A proliferation of ignorant deplorables messed things up.

Obama’s in house communist and renown terrorist Van Jones was on ABC simply flabbergasted that this election ended up as it did. The obvious explanation: Low Information Voters.

Thanks to the internet the truth was available to all. Trump wanted to overturn the system. The voters were made aware the Clintons are the system…systems actually. Their own and the system for which Soros and the CIA pulls the strings.

There are still enough luddites left that only know what NBC tells them. Those that can’t be bothered to learn for themselves. The internet takes a little effort. So the media is in stage 3, maybe stage 4 self-destruct.  Adverts are way down, content is shrinking and papers are selling out to any Citizen Kane wannabe with enough money. The plebes are slowly realizing they are being led down the rose garden path.

With any luck within four years CBS will be as relevant to the election as Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Be seeing you


2 Responses to “Media is stage 4 And, By The Way, You Are Stupid”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    Martin , you’re positively gloating. How is the nation’s preference made clear for Trump when Clinton narrowly won the popular vote?

  2. I’m just guessing here but I figure that if you subtract all the illegals (Obama was encouraging to vote), dead people (the story goes dead Chicagoans got Kennedy elected) and those that voted early and often The Donald likely had a small lead.

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