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It Emerges…And It’s Coming After You!

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 16, 2016

Like the evil clown “IT”, just when you think it is dead.

Like the superbug that slithers from a cauldron of FDA approved drugs.

Like the armor-plated insect that crawls from the Hiroshima rubble.

Take equal parts money hungry/power mad/pathological lies/runoff from a reign of Yugoslav, Middle East, African terror, add a dash of stolen Whitehouse silverware and a heaping spoonful of post-election anger, cover with a stained blue cloth.

Let the shell harden then inject into the capitol dome like a laughing door gunner injects lead into a Reuters reporter then…but wait!

The mutant is already emerging and it is looking right at you, HERE IT COMES! It’s




Be seeing you



4 Responses to “It Emerges…And It’s Coming After You!”

  1. Robert Cogan said

    Wow, Martin! This looks like you have a personal grudge against this woman. The picture is funny, but may be too much text!

  2. Talk about a Bad Seed -hilarious! And remember what Podesta said: calling Chelsea not smart is an understatement.

  3. Doug Rowley said

    Those Clinton cancer cells don’t respond to radiation.

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