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NASCAR vs Sterling Moss and Rolf Biland. Different worlds.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 11, 2017

That stock cars are not stock is likely news to sporting sheeple. If we want to sue NASCAR, as the posting suggests, it should be for too long, boring races, namby pamby drivers (more later) and commentary that reminds one of Hee Haw. Two hundred laps of waiting for the last fifty, 20 times a season, gets old.

Imagine a ‘modern’ car on a race track. Cornering with wide tires would likely buckle the chassis. A touch on the fender would total the car. Too many bumps on the bumper would bankrupt the owner just having to replace all those mandatory backup cameras.

One thing NASCAR needs to do is eliminate restrictor plates and admit the cars are too fast for some tracks. Bite the bullet and use one of the existing chicanes at Daytona and Talladega.

The drivers must need an accountant on the radio to keep track of all the special rules for each track/race.

Indycar’s has issues too, namely lackluster PR and insipid, pass free concrete barrier lined street courses. No crowd camera shots, too many empty seats. How many Indycar drivers do you see plastered on pop machines? Downforce is their restrictor plate. Less is more.

Several years ago I recall NASCAR drivers complaining about how slippery the tires were at that day’s Las Vegas race. Later the same day Dave Despain interviewed Sterling Moss on SpeedTV (Speed where for art thou?). Moss described winning the Mille Miglia.

One thousand miles over Italian public roads, a too low roll bar, just a seat belt and drum brakes that worked half the time. All in ten hours! That’s right, 100 mph average over two lane country roads ten hours straight. No doubt with the great Dennis Jenkinson navigating.

I had the pleasure of seeing Moss drive the mustang pace car at the 1969 Mid-Ohio CanAm. Tires screeching all around the track. See here-remember these names?

Moss, Hawthorn and Ascari didn’t win races by sitting in someone’s draft for 495 miles.

The best racing? World superbike and MotoGP. Two hundred (‘plus’ in the case of MotoGP) mile an hour machines, elbows as nerf bars and yes, they trade paint.

NASCAR’s environment seems stifling. It and Indycar need some Rolf Bilands. He crushed his opponents.


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