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Is It A Coup d’etat If President Elect Trump Is Not Yet In Office?

Posted by M. C. Fox on January 15, 2017

There exists a deep state network that uses war, assassination and “regime change” to support world-wide empire. A newly elected leader threatens this world-wide overt and covert system of money and power.

To battle this threat, intelligence agencies and media have openly supported warmongering opposition candidates. Their partisan media tools present innuendo as truth supported by evidence free sound bites.


The opposition party has patriots who leaked information of it’s own election tampering. The media turned this story on its head fabricating election tampering stories accusing a country the new leader wants to develop a friendly and fruitful relationship. This diversion conveniently, effectively squelches the original criminal tampering story.

Members of this politician’s own party leadership, in partnership with taxpayer dependent, supplicant foreign governments and their intelligence agencies, manufactured more evidence free fake news scandals.


This new leader has openly criticized decades of wild, uncontrolled, wasteful military organizations and endless wars. Wars said to enable democracy but meant to keep subject countries factionalized and subject to manipulation.


Presidents have been assassinated for less.

Coup d’etat has begun.

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