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Glug Glug, Gurgle Gurgle – Kunstler

Posted by M. C. on January 17, 2023

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”—Edmund Burke

James Howard Kunstler

You thought the Titanic sinking was an astounding spectacle? Looks like the ship of the Deep State got some holes ripped in its hull and may be fixing to go down sometime in 2023. The fun-and-games about voting for Speaker of the House are over. Time to get down to bidness and compel some folks to do some ‘splainin’ under oath. You don’t know for sure who will be chair of exactly which congressional committee, but there will be several of them running investigations at the same time, looking to shake out some verifiable truth from the dumpster of misrule, sedition, and perfidy that America fell into the past decade. Here are a bunch of my top outlines for inquiries.

     Covid-19. Forget about Fauci for the moment. First, subpoena the various deputies working under him going back as far as the twentieth century and see what they know about the twisted path that gain-of-function research on coronaviruses traveled from the DOD’s DARPA to the labs of Dr. Ralph Baric at the U of North Carolina, to labs in Canada, Ukraine, and finally to Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Then put Dr. Fauci’s ass in the witness chair and wring out the ‘splainin.’ Ask about the patents on the various parts of C-19 and on the mRNA “vaccines” cooked up to fight it, and who got the royalties emanating from all of that. Ask him how and why he continued gain-of-function research post-2014 after the White House directed it to stop. Ask him to ‘splain’ his relations with one Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance.

     Ask Deborah Birx to ‘splain’ exactly what was going on in that White House C-19 task force. Why did the public health officers demonize early treatments with known, safe drugs and censor anyone who spoke out against their insane policies? What did the task force know about Pfizer and Moderna’s “vaccine” trials? Ask Rochelle Walensky how come she and the CDC kept pushing mRNA shots and boosters long after a broad array of injuries and deaths presented from their use. Put Bill Gates’s ass in the chair and have him ‘splain’ the labyrinth of funding mechanisms he set up to push “vaccines” all over the globe and how his tentacles happen to penetrate into the World Health Org (WHO). Ask him if he ever had conversations with the leadership of the WHO and the World Economic Forum (WEF) about population reduction and methods for achieving it.

       Weaponization of Government. Time for FBI Director Christopher Wray to ‘splain’ how come he sat silently in possession of the Hunter Biden laptop — stuffed as it was with deal memoranda about payoffs from Ukraine and other foreign lands — through the first impeachment of Mr. Trump in late 2019 and early 2020, from the initial House hearings into the Senate trial… when said laptop was full of exculpatory evidence (“Brady material”)proving that Mr. Trump had a good reason to inquire about those matters in a phone call with V. Zelensky. Ask Mr. Wray what he knows about the roles of “whistleblower” (CIA agent) Eric Ciaramella and Intel Agency Inspector General Michael Atkinson and their relations with former House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff. Ask Mr. Wray how many federal agents were involved in the January 6 riot at the Capitol building, both inside and outside. Ask him why one Ray Epps was never indicted for incitement captured on video. Ask him why the FBI never made a murder or manslaughter referral in the death of Ashli Babbitt. Don’t let him bullshit the committee about “ongoing investigations” blah blah. Ask Mr. Wray if he directly ordered his agents to monitor and censor social media companies, and, if not him, who did?

     Summon the ghost of James Comey to ‘splain’ the finer points of RussiaGate: how he fell for Hillary Clinton’s Steele Dossier prank; how he used Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman to leak info about confidential meetings with Mr. Trump; whether he ordered Peter Strzok’s sandbagging operation on Gen. Mike Flynn, the FISA court shenanigans, the hiring of CrowdStrike instead of using FBI forensic experts to vet evidence; the run-up to “Crossfire Hurricane” the roles of international men of mystery Stefan Halper and Josef Mifsud in the operations to incriminate Trump appointees, Nellie Ohr’s role as a DOJ-FBI go-between with the Fusion GPS company.

     Let’s hear from former CIA director John Brennan about the “17 Intel Agencies” who swore Russia was behind 2016 election interference and then about the 50-odd distinguished intel officers and other high officials who swore that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russia put-on job. 

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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The Twitter Files Are So Good At Revealing Government Actions That Are So Bad!

Posted by M. C. on January 5, 2023

CIA, FBI, Twitter. If you didn’t understand “Deep State” before, this is a good place to begin.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report

Be seeing you

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Mandatory Mask Theater Returns, CDC Announces Long Term Extension for Biden Transporation Mask Mandate, No Expiration Date, Planes, Trains and Busses

Posted by M. C. on May 5, 2022

The Covidians who define themselves by their adherence to the dictates of the U.S. government, will be happy with this position from the CDC today. They worship at the altar of COVID science and use masks as an expression of their sanctimonious feeling of superiority.  


Previously a federal judge overturned the federal mask mandate for transportation, thereby allowing travelers to make their own choices.  The DOJ has appealed that decision after the CDC said it wanted the mask mandate to remain in place.  The status of that litigation is unknown.

Today, the CDC has announced a semi-permanent extension of the federal transportation mask mandate with no expiration date noted. [Announcement Here] That means all travelers on airplanes, trains, busses and ridesharing will be required to wear facemasks again, including inside the terminals and operational hubs of those transportation nodes, pending the outcome of the DOJ appeal to the federal court.

CDC Announcement – “At this time, CDC recommends that everyone aged 2 and older – including passengers and workers – properly wear a well-fitting mask or respirator over the nose and mouth in indoor areas of public transportation (such as airplanes, trains, etc.) and transportation hubs (such as airports, stations, etc.).

[…] This public health recommendation is based on the currently available data, including an understanding of domestic and global epidemiology, circulating variants and their impact on disease severity and vaccine effectiveness, current trends in COVID-19 Community Levels within the United States, and projections of COVID-19 trends in the coming months.

[…]  “CDC continues to recommend that all people—passengers and workers, alike—properly wear a well-fitting mask or respirator in indoor public transportation conveyances and transportation hubs to provide protection for themselves and other travelers in these high volume, mixed population settings. […] Additionally, it is important for all of us to protect not only ourselves, but also to be considerate of others at increased risk for severe COVID-19 and those who are not yet able to be vaccinated. Wearing a mask in indoor public transportation settings will provide protection for the individual and the community.”  ~ Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director

If the Biden administration lose the court appeal to reinstitute the mask mandate, this announcement by the CDC would appear to be moot, they couldn’t enforce it.  However, if the Biden administration is successful in their appeal, the mandatory mask wearing returns.

Put another way….. If the Biden administration lose the appeal, the people wearing masks will be the COVID worshippers.  If the Biden administration win their appeal we all have to wear them.

The mandate created by Joe Biden did not have legal structure.  It was a dictatorial fiat that exceeded the capacity of the executive branch to create.  U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle found the CDC exceeded its statutory authority with the mask mandate and violated the rules that guide CDC regulations.   {LINK} After Joe Biden arbitrarily announced the federal transportation mandate, the CDC triggered enforcement of the mask mandate without any required time for public feedback on a new regulation.

Congress could easily write a law authorizing mechanisms for the CDC and TSA to use in enforcement of a federal Transportation mask mandate; but they won’t – because the public doesn’t support it.  However, the Biden administration doesn’t care about majority public opinion, they are fine-tuned to push virtue signaling as a political strategy.

The White House is very committed to all their mandates around COVID-19, the mask mandate is no different.  From the perspective of the professional political left, the theater of forced mask wearing represents the visible power and authority of government to rule the lives of the irrelevant proles.

Any pesky legal rulings, that seek to reduce or remove the power of government, are viewed by the left as arbitrary and insignificant efforts to block their almighty power of government.  They can choose to wear a mask if they want, but that’s not really the issue behind the mask mandate.  The true power of the left is in the ability to force everyone to comply to their whims regardless of individual freedom.

The Covidians who define themselves by their adherence to the dictates of the U.S. government, will be happy with this position from the CDC today. They worship at the altar of COVID science and use masks as an expression of their sanctimonious feeling of superiority.  However, in an election year where the overwhelming majority of the American people have had enough of this political science, this CDC position may fuel an even more angry response.

Be seeing you

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The 1804 Northern Secession Plot and the Founding Fathers of the Deep State

Posted by M. C. on April 27, 2022

Matthew Ehret

The miracle of America’s surviving its many near death experiences over the years can be attributed less to fate and more to the immense sacrifices by great statesmen over the years… one of whom we will explore in this essay.

With America being set on fire by a diverse array of catalysts: hyperinflationary economic blowoutthreats of martial law and British-run Deep State adding to the ongoing anarchy sweeping the nation funded by billionaire color revolutionaries, it is easy to become a bit lost, confused and cynical over the future of the republic or even humanity more broadly.

However, when reviewing the history of the USA from its earliest years throughout its numerous moments of near-collapse witnessed in 1804, 1812, 1861-65 to the present, the very fact that the republic even exists at all is nothing less than a miracle which should not be taken for granted. The miracle of America’s surviving its many near death experiences over the years can be attributed less to fate and more to the immense sacrifices by great (and often assassinated) statesmen over the years… one of whom we will explore in this essay.

Hamilton vs. Burr

As I mentioned in my recent paper on Alexander Hamilton’s Genius, America’s first U.S. Treasury Secretary killed by Aaron Burr (aka: the father of Wall Street) in 1804, was indispensable in the young nation’s survival during the first 30 years after 1776. Even though it hasn’t been taught in any western university in generations, Hamilton’s system of political economy which arose from his four reports of 1791 was premised on the practices of 1) national banking, 2) productive credit generation for long term internal improvements, 3) industrial growth (vs slave-based production) and 4) protective tariffs. Most importantly, this system set “economic value” not upon the worship of money but rather on the creative mental activity of citizens through constant scientific and technological progress.

Between 1776 until his death in 1804, Hamilton used every ounce of his influence to ensure that the many traitorous movements launched by diverse branches of British operations in America (including from his own Federalist Party), and often under the leadership of arch-traitor Aaron Burr, failed to achieve their goals. These operations which included Canadian United Empire Loyalists, New York financiers and southern slave interests, can collectively be defined as the “founding fathers of today’s deep state” which evolved over the years and took over much of the nation after the death of Franklin Roosevelt.

One of Hamilton’s most important victories during this precarious time occurred during the 1800 presidential elections which still confuses some scholars today. These scholars cannot understand why Hamilton’s feud with Jefferson didn’t stop the former from devoting all of his energy into helping the latter gain the victory over presidential hopeful Aaron Burr. Speaking of his motives for this paradoxical maneuver, Hamilton famously said:

“Mr. Jefferson, though too revolutionary in his notions, is yet a lover of liberty and will be desirous of something like orderly Government – Mr. Burr loves nothing but himself – thinks of nothing but his own aggrandizement – and will be content with nothing short of permanent power in his own hands.”

To understand the conditions shaping this strategic fight only 11 years after Ben Franklin died, one must understand how the British Empire used an evil cancer embedded in the young nation to destroy it from within when it became obvious that external force could not succeed.

Slavery: America’s Achilles Heel

Despite the fact that slavery was nearly extinguished by 1792 (1), forces loyal to the British Empire within the “eastern establishment” led by aristocratically minded traitors like Timothy Pickering, Aaron Burr, Col. James Wilkinson, George Cabot and Albert Gallatin worked hard to advance a plot for breaking up the republic into two separate confederacies under the guise that “slave states and free states could not co-exist”. While this fact may have been true, rather than continue the struggle to abolish slavery by imposing the authority of the Constitution, such traitors made the argument that it were best to dissolve the nation and constitution completely. Under these designs, British Canada would merge with northern “free states” under a new Anglo-Saxon confederation, while the slave power would be free to create its own southern confederation. Under this design, both northern and southern confederacies would be defined by a special relationship with England and dominated by the City of London’s economic web of finance.

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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What’s Really Up with Ukraine? Deep State Seeking New World Order

Posted by M. C. on March 10, 2022

The Biden Regime is negotiating with Iran and Venezuela to buy oil. They will literally do anything to avoid restarting the Keystone pipeline and anything to prevent US energy independence, even in the face of this immense crisis that they’ve created.

The New American magazine’s Alex Newman has an answer to that question: “The Russians are deeply in bed with these clowns at the World Economic Forum. Putin’s central bank chief is on the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees. Vladimir Putin is good friends with Henry Kissinger, the ultimate New World Order Deep State toady here, in the United States; the Rockefeller poodle who made his living serving as a shill for the New World Order.

For all of the vilification outwardly being heaped upon Putin by the establishment, the sanctions being placed on Russia by this same establishment will do a lot more to hurt the West than they will to hurt Russia.

The Biden Regime is negotiating with Iran and Venezuela to buy oil. They will literally do anything to avoid restarting the Keystone pipeline and anything to prevent US energy independence, even in the face of this immense crisis that they’ve created.

On Monday, we saw Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tell people who can’t afford $4 gas that they should buy $60k Electric Vehicles. It should be clear by now to even the dumbest people that, together with the promotion of this war, the Climate Change agenda being promoted by the Globalists is about collapsing the West, ending the Petrodollar and ending the US dollar as a reserve currency. Everything we see from the propped-up corpse of a Biden Presidency is about the Globalists’ controlled demolition of American sovereignty, power and prestige.

The World Economic Forum is now suddenly mass-deleting their cyber attack “plans” from their websites, which they admit will kill millions of people and they’ve also deleted their profiles of Vladimir Putin, who was one of the earliest graduates of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.

This has some wondering whether the former KGB agent was spying on the Globalist organization to protect Russia’s interests or if he was being trained for his role as a major player in the New World Order agenda?

The New American magazine’s Alex Newman has an answer to that question: “The Russians are deeply in bed with these clowns at the World Economic Forum. Putin’s central bank chief is on the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees. Vladimir Putin is good friends with Henry Kissinger, the ultimate New World Order Deep State toady here, in the United States; the Rockefeller poodle who made his living serving as a shill for the New World Order.

“So what comes next? They’re going to bring in a central bank digital currency. The Ukrainians are working on this big time. We’re seeing massive things taking place, This is all by design and it’s all engineered…

“You’ve got Zelenskyy demanding that the EU immediately grant membership to Ukraine…Zelenskyy has also called on the United Nations ‘court’ – the kangaroo court – to step in and stop the Russian invasion…

“We see the Finnish government talking about how they’re going to join NATO. We see the Swedish government talking about ‘maybe we’re going to join NATO,’ as a result of this invasion from Putin.

“And so, what they’re doing, Folks is they’re demolishing sovereign nation-states, they’re amalgamating them all into these freakish regional orders, exactly like Henry Kissinger explained in his book, ‘World Order’.

“He said the key to achieving world order is getting these countries involved in these regional orders and then merging all those regional orders together.

“Folks, that’s exactly what Putin has been trying to do for many, many years and we’ve been exposing it all here, on the New American.

“He’s building a Eurasian Union with the former Soviet States and he has said publicly that this future Eurasian Union should be fused with the European Union to have a free trade area, stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, Folks.

“We are being played. Don’t line up behind Putin. Don’t line up behind this kleptocratic Far-Left radical extremist government in Ukraine, none of them are your friends. Don’t line up behind the European Union, Folks. You don’t have to choose one or the other. That’s what the Deep State does. They give you two false choices, they let us all line up behind one and we can argue with each other and no matter which one wins, they win.”

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce


Be seeing you

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Col Douglas Macgregor Has a Slightly Different Take on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Posted by M. C. on March 2, 2022

Macgregor Makes Sense!

My spidey senses tell me that Col Douglas Macgregor will not be welcomed back on Fox News after he gave a rather different take on what is happening amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict that does not toe the common media line.  [SEGMENT HERE] Jennifer Griffin was furious.

The first presentation was during a segment with Fox Host Dan Bongino (below).   The second presentation of essentially the same analysis was with Trey Gowdy [SEGMENT HERE].  In both discussions Macgregor’s perspective reconciles the disparity between what the U.S. government, State Dept, and corporate media are saying -vs- what is visible.

Essentially, Macgregor is saying that Russia does not want to engage a civilian population and is making every effort to avoid civilian conflict in those population centers.  In part this is because Putin knows the Western approach is a propaganda war that would be fueled by what it would look like if population carnage took place. However, if Ukraine President Zelenskyy does not acquiesce to terms, Putin could easily crush those centers with artillery and rockets.  WATCH:

What Macgregor outlines would explain why these skirmishes always seem ‘off in the distance’.

The western government and media perspective is to make it seem like Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the rebellious civilian misfits are beating the Russian army because that frames a better story.  However, what Macgregor outlines is Putin not wanting to fuel the United Nations, NATO and State Dept narrative engineering, thus the absence of visible fighting.

The second segment with Trey Gowdy is HERE… and below:

Fox News Pentagon war seller Jennifer Griffin, aka the female version of Mark Milley, was having fits.

wow — Jennifer Griffin continues her live fact-check of Fox colleagues and guests:

“I feel like I need to correct some of the things that Col. Douglas MacGregor said, and I’m not sure that 10 minutes is enough time to do so, because there were so many distortions.”

— j.d. durkin 🌱 (@jd_durkin) February 28, 2022

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Liberals’ Love Affair with Leviathan

Posted by M. C. on February 21, 2022

Perhaps nothing symbolizes the new liberal creed more vividly than the New York City Council’s recent unanimous vote to remove the statute of Thomas Jefferson from New York City Hall, where it had resided for more than a century. In 1799, Jefferson warned fellow Americans: “Let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.” It is regrettable that many liberals now have as much hostility to constitutional restraints on presidents and federal agencies as they had to that statue of Jefferson.

by James Bovard

The election of Joe Biden as president magically transformed all federal agencies, ensuring that their iron fists no longer posed any peril to the American people. Or at least that seems to be what many Biden supporters, liberals, and Democrats now believe.

I stumbled upon that new catechism on a cold morning last November. I ambled online after breakfast and saw that “Deep State” was a Twitter trending topic. I tossed out my two cents: “Don’t forget how NYTimes & many liberals heaped praise on the Deep State in 2019 for its role in the first Trump impeachment.” I attached a link to my 2019 USA Today article headlined, “As the deep state attacks Trump to rave media reviews, don’t forget its dark side.” New York Times editorial writer Michelle Cottle had hailed the Deep State as “a collection of patriotic public servants,” and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson captured the Beltway’s verdict: “God bless the Deep State!”

The mob rules on social media

Alas, I quickly learned that I was a hopeless reactionary. Apparently, since President Trump condemned the Deep State, that proves that it doesn’t exist. And since a Democrat now occupies the White House, any mention of the Deep State is apparently a grave offense. Twitter user DoinTimeOnEarth responded to my tweet: “Why don’t you shut up & do some good instead of spreading lies?”

Twitter is a fount of wisdom because so many of its users are omniscient. Someone with the Twitter name “What?” howled: “USATODAY has gone crazy…. And no, I am not going to read a bunch of jackass nonsense before re-tweeting with this comment.” My story had 23 links to news stories, analyses, and government reports on the Deep State scandals, including Bush-era torture, National Security Agency abuses, drone killings of innocent foreigners, and other abuses of power and secrecy. The piece included links to three New York Times articles confirming the Deep State’s role in spurring the first impeachment of President Trump.

Twitter user herself “Nom of the Plume” huffed: “Liberals don’t believe in the ‘deep state.’ It goes against our radical values of being sane and educated.” I replied: “So being a smug ‘educated’ liberal means believing federal agencies don’t pervasively violate the law & Constitution? When did gullibility become a badge of political sophistication?” My response failed to placate my critics. Nom of the plume commented: “No I won’t try to have a rational conversation with irrational people…. You are extremists and terrorists.” The fact that the Justice Department Inspector General concluded that FBI agents deceived the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to justify illegally surveilling the 2016 Trump presidential campaign had apparently been expunged from all historical memory — at least among progressives.

On Twitter, “likes” are the highest form of logic, and re-tweets are irrefutable truth.     Some Twitter users refuted my articles by posting rows of laughing emojis. Others debunked my errors with meme photos such as a photo of a screw next to a baseball. Some of the names of Twitter respondents reeked of piety. “Covfefe_au_lait is FULLY VAXXED+BOOSTER” sneered that “anyone who uses the phrase [Deep State] sounds ridiculous.” Mike Burridge scoffed: “I see the Right has no supply chain disruptions for stupidity. Shelves fully stocked with ignorance.” Another user growled: “Did you brew your coffee with paint thinner this morning? This is the most absolutely ridiculous thing I’ve seen this week.”

Facts don’t matter on Twitter

But it wasn’t simply that I was ignorant. Instead, my comment on the Deep State was sufficient proof of my mental illness.

See the rest here

Be seeing you

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Abolish FISA, Reform FBI, & Break Up CIA – The American Mind

Posted by M. C. on September 22, 2021

The President of the United States should control Intelligence by the very means by which he controls all other parts of the National Security establishment: The National Security Council. That is, assuming that he controls it, and not the other way around.

Angelo Codevilla

This is the first in The American Mind’s new Rethinking Policy series. Throughout 2020 we are publishing essays that boldly reframe, reorder, and reprioritize our political goals in order to directly address the real challenges of our time. These essays are intended to spur clear, sharp discussions that rid us of obsolete ideological frameworks and point towards viable paths forward. Amid today’s realignment, we must discern and articulate vital principles and national purpose free of the ideological encumbrances of the past. —Eds.

America’s Intelligence agencies are the deep state’s deepest part, and the most immediate threat to representative government. They are also not very good at what they are supposed to be doing. Protecting the Republic from them requires refocusing them on their proper jobs.

Intelligence officials abuse their positions to discredit opposition to the Democratic Party, of which they are part. Complicit with the media, they leverage the public’s mistaken faith in their superior knowledge, competence, and patriotism to vilify their domestic enemies from behind secrecy’s shield.

Pretenses of superior knowledge have always tempted the Administrative State’s officials to manipulate or override voters. Hence, as Justice Robert H. Jackson (who served as chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials) warned, they often turn their powers against whomever they dislike politically, socially, or personally and try to minimize the public’s access to the bases upon which they act.

But only the Intelligence agencies have the power to do that while claiming that scrutiny of their pretenses endangers national security. They have succeeded in restricting information about their misdeeds by “classifying” them under the Espionage Act of 1921. Thus covered, they misrepresent their opinions as knowledge and their preferences as logic. Thus acting as irresponsible arbiters of truth at the highest levels of American public life, they are the foremost jaws of the ruling class vise that is squeezing self-rule out of America.

As Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) truly told President Trump, “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” As we shall see, Intelligence officials have proved Schumer correct.

What follows begins with an overview of the threats today’s intelligence agencies pose to self-government in America.

Next, it touches on U.S. intelligence’s dismal professional record, and suggests that the measures needed to refocus them on professional performance would also separate them from domestic politics.

In sum, we find:

  • CIA is obsolete. Cables show agents’ intelligence takes are inferior to diplomats’. Agent networks are unprotected by counterintelligence. FBI success at counterintelligence ended when the Bureau was politicized and bureaucratized in the 1970s. CIA bottlenecks and incompetently controls strategic intelligence, while the Army and Marines show demonstrable tactical superiority.
  • As a result, CIA is ideologically partisan. Its strength is in leading or joining domestic campaigns to influence public opinion. FBI has followed suit.
  • Senior intelligence officials were the key element in the war on Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency. CIA used meetings that it manufactured as factual bases for lies about campaign advisors seeking Russian information to smear Hillary Clinton. Intelligence began formal investigation and surveillance without probable cause. Agents gained authorization to electronically surveil Trump and his campaign and defended their bureaucratic interests, sidelining Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and denying or delaying Trump appointments and security clearances.
  • Partisanship produces failure. FISA has incentivized political abuse. “Profiling” has failed repeatedly in high-profile cases like the Atlanta Olympics bombing and the anthrax mail attacks. Perjury trapping has become commonplace.

Finally, we outline the steps that presidents and Congress might take to improve matters:

  • FISA must be repealed legislatively or through Constitutional challenge in court. It unconstitutionally mingles judicial and executive power in secret. It gave Intelligence a blank check. Hardly “an indispensable tool” for national security, it is now indispensable for partisanship. Broad consensus exists for a legislative “fix,” but none is possible. The secret court’s existence, the heart of the law, allows partisan bureaucrats and allied judges to do what they want in secret.
  • Functions currently performed by CIA should be sheared down. Data infrastructure and consultant networks should be eliminated. Bipartisan opposition to the Intelligence threat should use fierce resistance and lobbying from Intelligence as evidence of why cuts are in the national interest.
  • CIA must be disestablished. Its functions should be returned to the Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury. FBI must be restricted to law enforcement. At home, the Agencies are partisan institutions illegitimately focused on setting national policy. Abroad, Agencies untied to specific operational concerns are inherently dangerous and low-value.
  • Intelligence must return to its natural place as servant, not master, of government. Congress should amend the 1947 National Security Act. The President should broaden intelligence perspectives, including briefs from State, Defense, and Treasury, and abolish CIA’s “covert action.” State should be made responsible for political influence and the armed services for military and paramilitary affairs.

Sword and Shield

See the rest here

Angelo Codevilla is a Senior Fellow of the Claremont Institute and professor emeritus of International Relations at Boston University.

Be seeing you

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Doug Casey on How Covid Hysterics Turned Canada into East Germany

Posted by M. C. on June 11, 2021

Certain Canadian politicians have engaged in an enormous power grab under the pretext of the Covid crisis. They’ve granted themselves all kinds of emergency powers.

What does this say about the nature of politicians?

But here’s a thought. As the economy collapses in the Greater Depression, Covid will be assigned as the reason. As opposed to the business cycle, taxes, inflation, debt, and government regulation. So Covid may act as a great disguise. The government and the Deep State can shift the blame for the coming nastiness.

It’s rather clever.

Doug Casey

International Man: Canada has instituted some of the strictest and most aggressive Covid measures in the world.

We’ve seen stay-at-home orders, SWAT raids on non-compliant businesses, forced detention in government facilities for those suspected of having the virus, and many other totalitarian measures.

What’s your take on this?

Doug Casey: Frankly, I didn’t expect things would get quite this out of control.

Nobody could be sure what to make of Covid early in 2020, but it certainly got a lot more publicity than any previous flu. The original refrain was, “We just want to flatten the curve so that everybody doesn’t get it all at once.” That kind of made sense—for two weeks. But the hysteria has risen to a level where carts should go through the streets with the drivers calling, “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!”

I’m not a conspiracy guy. I think it’s hard enough getting a few friends to agree on what movie to see and where to go to dinner. How much harder to get thousands of miscreants to collaborate on practically destroying the world economy? But the “pandemic” seemed orchestrated from the very beginning, with practically every country in the world locking down. Even though it was established early on—but rarely reported—that the sickness only attacked the old, the sick, and the obese.

It was very suspicious. The Hong Kong flu, the Asian flu, the swine flu, the bird flu, and various other viral infections came and went the way viruses do. They spread, took casualties, and disappeared. Inconvenient and unpleasant, but a part of life. Why and how did this illness in particular turn into such a hysteria, even though it only affected a small and easily isolated portion of the population? Even though it’s not even remotely comparable to the Spanish Flu of 1918–19.

I suspect it’s very rare to even meet somebody who knows an otherwise healthy person that has been seriously harmed by the Covid. I’ve met a number of people that have had Covid; it made them sick for a day or two or three; now, they’re as good as new. This is the way that it typically works with viral infections. The media loudly reports infections, but infections are meaningless if they’re asymptomatic or trivial.

It’s also strange that this infection is supposed to be easily transmissible. They said everybody would catch it. Unless they wore masks and isolate themselves, they’d die. But frankly, very few people—other than the elderly confined to nursing homes—seem to have gotten it, and the ones that do get it typically have a mild case. Frontline medical personnel certainly haven’t been decimated. It appears to be a grossly overblown hysteria generated by opportunists in the media and government.

My guess is that in the years to come Covid will be viewed as one of history’s greatest scandals. A big nothing was foisted upon society for no good reason or perhaps perpetrated for nefarious reasons. Canadians should be among the most embarrassed.

International Man: Certain Canadian politicians have engaged in an enormous power grab under the pretext of the Covid crisis. They’ve granted themselves all kinds of emergency powers.

What does this say about the nature of politicians?

Doug Casey: Who would have guessed that Canada, generally viewed as the kindest and gentlest of countries, would go even more insane than the US and almost as insane as Australia. Australia not only prohibits visitors, but it also doesn’t even allow people to leave the country. And they’re not planning on allowing people to leave the country for another year.

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Doug Casey on Some Encounters with US Deep State Sociopaths

Posted by M. C. on March 26, 2021

They were one deviation above prostitutes, conmen, spies, and thieves—they’re professional liars. Actors pretend to be somebody they’re not. Professional deceivers. Not until very recently were actors idealized. You have to respect their skills, of course. And some actors are decent people just doing a job, entertaining; I’m all for them.

International Man: Government attracts sociopathic types who are interested in wielding power over others. These are the kinds of people who rise to the top of the Deep State, the permanently entrenched bureaucracy.

You’ve met your fair share of swamp creatures. Tell us about the time you met former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Doug Casey: It was at the New Orleans Investment Conference, the year Dick Cheney was running for president. A friend of mine who took a dislike to Cheney invited me to join him at a special meeting that had been organized for Republican fat cats—potential donors to Cheney’s campaign.

Cheney was pressing the flesh and holding forth. I joined the group, and Cheney comes up to me, as he did to everybody. He says, “Dick Cheney, it’s nice to meet you,” and sticks his hand out. I looked at him and said, “Dick, I’m not going to shake hands with you. I despise you and everything you stand for.”

I thought that delivering a verbal gut blow in public might shatter his criminal persona. But he’s a skilled politician and has been around the block many times.

His comeback was, “Well, why do you say that?” That gave me 60 seconds to detail exactly why I thought he was a horrible human being. He tried not to show it, but it threw him off balance and destroyed any possibility of raising money from the assembled fat cats. I think it’s important that self-important public figures be treated appropriately, as they deserve.

About a week later, I was at another conference in San Francisco. Cheney was also there; he was attending all of the hard money/conservative conferences. He figured that attendees—wealthy, conservative Republicans—were likely donors to his campaign.

Anyway, my friend Mark Skousen ran into Cheney at the Hyatt’s business center.

Mark went up to Cheney, and to break the ice said, “Mr. Cheney, it’s nice to meet you. I understand that you met my friend Doug Casey last week in New Orleans.” I don’t think Mark was trying to wave a red flag in front of an angry bull—just being naive.

Cheney wouldn’t shake hands and refused to talk to him.

That was interesting because I would have thought that Cheney would have just disregarded me as another heckler. Apparently, my having ruined his day in New Orleans put him on a slow burn. Perhaps it ruined his week.

The next year, when I was still a trustee at Washington College, Stephen Balch, the founder of the newly formed National Association of Scholars and Trustees, invited me to join the organization. Lynn Cheney, Dick’s wife—a thoroughly distasteful pear-shaped harpy—was also at the meeting. She was being recruited as an influential bigwig. We took an immediate and visceral dislike to each other. I was subsequently disinvited to join, which came as no great surprise.

International Man: Another notable Deep State figure is former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. You’ve met him several times and have even debated him on a conference stage.

Tell us about your experiences with Newt Gingrich.

Doug Casey: I met Newt also at the New Orleans conference. Although I lived in Washington DC for many years, I never associated with Deep State types. But, as I said, they often show up at financial conferences, where conservative rich people can be tapped for donations.

I had a private lunch with Newt. It was pleasant enough, although, like most conversations with politicians, completely meaningless. Newt seemed incapable of originating any thought that wasn’t a programmed talking point. Pols are experts at dodging questions—they like to limit the conversation to inoffensive subjects like the weather and the state of the roads.

I was unsuccessful in getting him to talk about any serious philosophical or historical issues. But I was able to turn the conversation to the events of 9/11—because this was only two months after they occurred.

I asked him: “What do you think about what happened to Building 7.” And, he said, “Building 7? What do you mean?”

I explained to him that it was a 47-story office building, which wasn’t hit by a plane, but nonetheless collapsed in its own footprint—as did Buildings 1 and 2—later on the same day. He looked at me and said, “What are you talking about? I’ve never heard about that. Is that right?”

I was flummoxed that somebody in his position didn’t even know that a third major building in the WTC had gone down on 9/11. The event has never been adequately explained, and nobody cares, even though its collapse confounds the laws of engineering and physics.

It was obvious to me that he sincerely knew nothing about it. Of course, Building 7 was never talked about in the news. That giant omission is inexplicable and brings up all kinds of questions about what really happened that day and who was really at fault.

I don’t think Newt had been exposed to it because these people live in a silo, where they only talk to their handlers, sycophants, and other Deep Staters in similar positions.

Newt, a leader of the Republican Party, really didn’t know anything beyond his talking points. He had no observations worth remembering about history or economics either—the two things that he was supposed to know more about than most. No doubt he’ll deny the encounter if asked about it. My parting words to him were, “Be sure to check out Building 7.” He may or may not have asked anybody else about it since he would risk being labeled a conspiracy theorist. Here is a man who passes as an intellectual in the brain-dead Republican party but who has about zero intellectual curiosity.

International Man: Many people don’t know this, but you were a classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University. Can you tell us about any of your encounters with the former president?

Doug Casey: I’ve had three encounters with Bill Clinton over the years, but only two worth mentioning. I’ll dispense with stories about him worshipping at the altar of a porcelain god after a night of debauchery—so did most everybody in the class. Or that it’s said he wasn’t much of a ladies’ man in those days. I guess that came later, with political success.

Anyway, in our freshman year, Bill knocked on my dorm room door and introduced himself, saying that he was running for class president. Even then, I had no interest in politics—certainly not something as trivial as a student council president.

It was a brief conversation, and my response was something like, “Okay, nice to meet you, but student government really isn’t my bag …. ”

The next time I saw Bill was at our 25th class reunion. It was very nice of him to throw a party for our class at the White House. It was a black-tie event—a big deal because he was the president.

When the time came, I walked up to him and said, “Hey, Bill, how you doing? Nice to see you.” That’s what you say to a classmate. He looked at me very forthrightly and said, “Hey, Doug, how are you? Nice to see ya.”

I was taken aback by his apparent sincerity. Maybe he remembered me from one of the big TV shows that I’d been on and put two and two together. Maybe he has an eidetic memory. Or, maybe he just saw my name tag without tipping that fact.

One thing is certain about Bill Clinton: He’s as charming a man as you could ever hope to meet. When he’s talking to you, you feel like you’re the only person in the room and that you’re certainly the most important person in the room. My classmates who knew him well all tipped him as a likely president.

The third time was at our 50th class reunion, which was much smaller and obviously wasn’t at the White House. He was, understandably, still the center of attention. He was very affable, and a lot of guys circled around him.

One thing I remember clearly from our 25th reunion, even though the alcohol was flowing freely, was Hillary’s presence. She kept to herself, but what stuck out to me and the guys that I was talking to was that she was surrounded by four or five young, very good-looking girls. They were like a mini-Praetorian Guard. They reminded me of young velociraptors, the stars of Jurassic Park, pert and alert, their eyes darting everywhere, observing everything around her, making sure she wasn’t molested.

The cute velociraptors brought to mind a joke…. But maybe certain rumors are true…. Do you know the joke about why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? The answer is Janet Reno was her father. That was a long time ago, of course, and some of our readers may not get it.

International Man: The American people have always been enamored with celebrities. In the past, it was movie stars and singers, but in recent years, Deep State politicians have become the new celebrities in the American public’s eyes.

What are your thoughts about that? And what does it say about society and the future?

Doug Casey: It speaks very poorly of the American people.

I think the first president who was something of a real celebrity was Teddy Roosevelt. He was, in fact, an interesting man, not just a media-manufactured personality. Adventurer, author, athlete, and Renaissance man in many ways, he would have been a boon companion to simply hang around with. But he was a horrible president. A “progressive” who encouraged every type of government activism, a “trustbuster,” and general busybody sticking the government’s nose everywhere into the country’s business. And worst of all, he was a warmonger, basically having made his bones on San Juan Hill in Cuba.

Teddy Roosevelt was the first celebrity president, starting the cult of personality in US politics.

FDR made himself into a celebrity with his great style and his fireside chats, pandering to the common man with his own money while greatly worsening and lengthening the Great Depression.

JFK was the next celebrity president. He was young, good-looking, well-spoken, and had a very pretty wife.

And, of course, Ronald Reagan, a well-intentioned actor.

As time has gone on, we’ve moved more and more toward celebrity presidents—people who build a cult of the personality around themselves. Something Stalin, Mao, Hitler did very successfully. And Third World despots all try to do.

I’ve got a feeling Hollywood will become increasingly important in politics. The public has always enjoyed watching actors, but throughout history—from ancient times—they were on the bottom rung of society. People of quality and stature didn’t want to be personally associated with them, no matter how famous they were.

Why might that be?

They were one deviation above prostitutes, conmen, spies, and thieves—they’re professional liars. Actors pretend to be somebody they’re not. Professional deceivers. Not until very recently were actors idealized. You have to respect their skills, of course. And some actors are decent people just doing a job, entertaining; I’m all for them.

But, that said, they’re generally poor role models or moral examples because the nature of acting is to project a false image. Being a skilled liar is rewarded. There’s a reason Hollywood is famous for depravity and dissipation.

There are now many actors who have mentioned their political ambitions. Not least of them are Meghan Markle and Ben Affleck.

Nowadays, fame, name recognition, and being good-looking are much more important to the public than ideas or character. It’s a very bad trend.

Editor’s Note: Sociopaths are drawn to the government. They seek power and control over others through coercion, taxation and more.

Unfortunately, there’s little any individual can practically do to change the course of these trends in motion.

The best you can and should do is to stay informed so that you can protect yourself in the best way possible.

That’s precisely why bestselling author Doug Casey and his colleagues just released an urgent new PDF report that explains what could come next and what you can do about it. Click here to download it now.

Be seeing you

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