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Germany Turns Even More Authoritarian | The Daily Bell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 2, 2017

So now Germany is punishing people who haven’t been convicted of anything. This is part of a larger cultural problem that Germany has on various fronts.

You can’t express your opinion for instance about the holocaust if it differs from the official point of view. And now the government is going to try and figure who is a terrorist and whether they ought to be restrained even if they haven’t done anything.

Thank you Angela

Which Germany was dissolved East or West? It doesn’t matter because anymore, when there are no borders there is no country. 

What Europe has become is a pan Islamic incubator. 

Don’t be looking for much acceptance of ethnic diversity.

Putting an ankle bracelet on free speech won’t fix this mess. The ethnic Europe many of us came from is rapidly becoming forced out of existance. Bracelets are a desperation move. Like Ali said to Foreman…Is that the best you got?

Europe has commited cultural suicide. The Marina Le Pens are too late I fear.

NEWS FLASH: The EU is run by morons.


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