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Germany Rejects US Call – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 11, 2019

Germany doesn’t want to help build a US empire. Imagine that!

Maybe the thought of thousands of lives lost in a never ending war doesn’t appeal all that much.

Sputnik News

US special envoy for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey earlier relayed a formal request to Berlin calling on the country to deploy troops to the Arab Republic to “partially replace” US forces and help the remainder fight Daesh*.

The German government has rejected Washington’s call to deploy ground troops to Syria, stating that such a move doesn’t correspond with the country’s adopted strategy of fighting the Daesh* terrorist group.

“When I say the government envisages sticking to the current measures in the anti-Islamic State [Daesh] coalition, this includes no ground troops, as is well known”, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said.

The spokesman further recalled that Germany has long made “a significant and internationally acknowledged contribution” to the fight against Daesh* in Syria and added that the government is discussing the future of the country’s involvement in the anti-Daesh coalition with Washington…

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Watch “Trump Hammers NATO. Good! Let’s Get Out!” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on July 14, 2018

Trump is right: Germany is playing both ends against US.

RP is right: We should get out.

Trump is wrong about doing business with Russia: Battling in the (free) marketplace promotes peace.

Note Ron Paul’s comment about the greatest threat to Europe is not invasion by Russia, it is open borders and invasion by immigrants.

This not like the 1900’s when people came to the US to be Americans. These are invaders that want to destroy what is there and replace it. There is much Middle Eastern history that illustrates this.

Nothing like a good gang rape to promote your cause.

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Bad NATO! Bad NATO! – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 14, 2018


President Donald Trump says most summit meetings are a waste of time.  He’s so right.  Most meetings of every kind are a waste of time and energy.

The president was certainly right about last week’s NATO summit in Brussels.  At least, he livened it up by openly blasting his NATO allies once again for not spending enough on their military forces.  But Trump’s real purpose was to show the world that he was boss of all he surveyed… Read the rest of this entry »

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Declaration against mass immigration: The Political Tide is Turning in Germany

Posted by M. C. on April 6, 2018

Instead, he said, “95 percent are coming to migrate into our welfare system.” 

No kidding! Hope springs eternal. Let’s hope things have not already gone too far.

France, UK and Belgium (EU’s lair) will take a lot longer to wake up, if ever.

Can Germany stand alone?

Against the postmodernist, multiculturalist establishment

Since September 2015 Germany has been in a weird state. It started with Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral and unconstitutional opening of borders to mostly uneducated young men from rather violent societies, without proper checks, sometimes without any checks. That state has continued unabated since then – only mitigated due to other countries further south, most notably Hungary, closing their borders very firmly. All the while crime and violence committed by migrants have risen sharply, including rapes and murders, with a few actual, deadly terror attacks mixed in for good measure… Read the rest of this entry »

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Gestapo is Back: German Homes Raided Over Facebook Posts | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on July 3, 2017

By “right wing extremist” what German authorities really mean is anyone who questions the immigration policies of the Europe, or thinks differently than the general population. Literally simply insulting someone, or talking trash can make you liable for five years in prison in Germany. According to section 130 of their criminal code (emphasis added):

(1) Whoever, in a manner that is capable of disturbing the public peace:

1. incites hatred against segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or

2. assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population,

shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to five years.

Like one of the commenters said-what about the Stasi? The country is led by a communist youth leader. 

You can’t teach an old dog.

Be seeing you

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Posted by M. C. on April 7, 2017

Washington’s whore and the whore’s subservient German cabinet want to impose fines of $53 million dollars on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms if they permit complaints about Germany being overrun by Muslims. Those who complain, that is, those who use Germany’s guaranteed free speech, are defined as hate criminals or purveyors of fake news.

It is impossible to imagine any more subservience to Washington than the utterly corrupt and anti-German Merkel government displays.

The Merkel whore’s Washington-subservient government wants Germans who protest Washington’s barbarism and the dire consequences for Germany to be punished for “hate crimes” and spreading “fake news.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Germany Turns Even More Authoritarian | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on February 2, 2017

So now Germany is punishing people who haven’t been convicted of anything. This is part of a larger cultural problem that Germany has on various fronts.

You can’t express your opinion for instance about the holocaust if it differs from the official point of view. And now the government is going to try and figure who is a terrorist and whether they ought to be restrained even if they haven’t done anything.

Thank you Angela

Which Germany was dissolved East or West? It doesn’t matter because anymore, when there are no borders there is no country. 

What Europe has become is a pan Islamic incubator. 

Don’t be looking for much acceptance of ethnic diversity.

Putting an ankle bracelet on free speech won’t fix this mess. The ethnic Europe many of us came from is rapidly becoming forced out of existance. Bracelets are a desperation move. Like Ali said to Foreman…Is that the best you got?

Europe has commited cultural suicide. The Marina Le Pens are too late I fear.

NEWS FLASH: The EU is run by morons.

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Germany Blames Refugees on US Wars – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 18, 2017

There is a link between America’s flawed interventionist policy, especially the Iraq war, and the refugee crisis…

No kidding!

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Economic Power Shifts, The West is Losing Traction

Posted by M. C. on April 19, 2014

There is change in the air. You can feel it.

When I first heard of China buying our debt I thought-This isn’t supposed to be happening. This is America. What have they got that we don’t?

Cash. China has lots of cash to spend because they print it like US. That is why they are in a manufacturing bubble. Their bubble like ours will certainly burst. But when and how will they react?

The debt buying is an indicator of a power shift. A drop for the US more than a rise in China.

I agree with the opinion that the economic and political power of the West, the US in particular, is shrinking. The failed drug war, the holes in the Middle East which we are digging deeper, finding terrorists under every rock, lately African rocks and other feeble attempts to grab power. Too many failures. Too much scrambling. The US is looking desperate. We are a mess. Read the rest of this entry »

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