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Posted by M. C. Fox on March 7, 2017

In fact, it is completely standard for U.S. presidents.” And like his predecessors in the “war on terror”—Bush and Obama— Trump never mentioned the dead civilians that the U.S. military left in its wake. 

Ryan Owens died senselessly. He died for a lie. He died in vain. He died in service to the state. He died as a pawn in the hands of Uncle Sam. He died for a deeply flawed U.S. foreign policy. He died in a place he had no business going. He died for U.S. hegemony. He died for the military/industrial complex. He died for empire.

Ryan Owens died for absolutely nothing that was worth dying for.

What in God’s name are we doing in Yemen? What have the Yemenis ever done to US? Nothing. What have the Saudi’s done to US? 9/11.

Owens did not die “defending our freedoms”. He died doing Saudi Arabia’s dirty work, crushing one of the poorest places on the planet.  All with the blessing of the neocon warparty, presstitute media, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Are the flag waving sheeple ever going to wake up? The anti-war movement i$ alive and well.

 Be seeing you


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