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Jarrett & Obama Even Live Together

Posted by M. C. on March 11, 2017

The hot topic in Washington is that Jarrett has been behind the attempt to (1) investigate Trump under the pretense of National Security and (2) has been the one also orchestrating the insurgency protests to overthrow Trump. Jarrett even lived in the White House and dined with the Obamas. She has now also moved into Obama’s nerve center behind his OFA designed to overthrow Trump. We do know for a fact that she has been living with the Obamas, which is very strange. 

Consequently, Obama has refused to leave Washington and has been engaged with his organization that accepted money from Soros. Where is the press now? Is anyone looking at who is funding the protests and the links to Soros? The stories that Soros has been funding protests in Poland and Hungary as well. Nobody will expose what is going on. Of course not. The man who has been banned from his home country – sounds similar to Karl Marx’s flight from Germany. Judging from the hate mail I get from the left, obviously I have hit a nerve. They are blind to the agenda and just hate the right so much, they refuse to look at what rights they are losing to support that hatred.\

Obama and Jarrett could start their own religion of hate…but then maybe they don’t have to.

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