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Zuckerberg-The Man You Allow To Broadcast The Intimate Details of Your Life

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 2, 2017

You might need a subscription to read this.  It will be worth it.

The Harvard rowing twins are gentlemen, however, and accordingly went to that institution’s president, a bum by the name of Summers, who told them to blow.  Mark Zuckerberg was, after all, of the same faith and background, so why side with two naive WASPs who rowed brilliantly, dressed well, and stood up when ladies entered the room?  Zuckerberg is now worth north of 40 billion smackers, after paying peanuts to the twins who failed to get it on paper that Facebook was their idea.  So much for a gentlemen’s agreement. 

Zuckerberg plays fast and loose with the rules, and he and his wife now pose as great philanthropists, setting up a limited liability company to conduct charitable efforts.

Under a limited liability company, when it comes to directing their assets Z&C are bound by fewer rules than they would be in other philanthropic vehicles.  Zuckerberg, having screwed the twins out of their original idea, now craves public respect.  He dresses in T-shirts and looks like the slob he is.  He also desires political influence and power.  A liberal to his fingertips, Zuckerbaby doesn’t give a toss that Facebook was and is the original facilitator and spreader of fake news—just as long as he gets his cut, which he does every single time some sucker uses it.

With Zuckerberg supporting globalization, we will all be rich and happy one of these days.  His abstract ideas are not only full of you-know-what, they are probably plagiarized from some idealistic lefty who was high on LSD when he came up with them.

The next generation Soros.

Be seeing you


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