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Everyone Alive Believes in Private Property

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 7, 2017

Not really.

Government’s promote a culture of rape by failing to gain the consent of individuals before forcing them to do any number of things with their body, like forcing someone to labor for the state, or when the state arrests/ kidnaps someone for a victimless crime.

Mob rule is not consent, others cannot justly decide for you what is done to your body. Remaining where you were born is likewise not consent since compelling you to move or face violations of your rights is itself a violation of the natural right to self-ownership.

Government monopolizes final control over all property within their jurisdiction, thus inherently violating the rights of citizens.

Private property stems from self-ownership, because anything you originally appropriate, plus add labor to, becomes your property.

Rights are a concept; they are a philosophical way of understanding existence, and what is natural, and just. Rights are a way to categorize naturally wrong actions–anything that violates that basic right of self-ownership.

Self ownership is one of the concepts Libertarianism is built upon.  The other two being (real) free trade and the Non Aggression Principle (NAP).

Self-Ownership means not having to be:

forced to eat what you are told.

forced to have chemicals injected into your body ie aluminum, mercury and viruses in the typical vaccination.

penalized for making your own choices.

subject to a draft.

A Free Market is not one that has tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations such as a typical trade agreement. The rules are beneficial for a privileged few but cost you.

A free market controls money and decides what is money (gold/silver/platinum/mallow cup coins). Not quasi-governmental agencies that are the tools of big banks that created the biggest depression in history. The Fed is working to break that record as we speak. The number of governmental officials with ties to Goldman Sachs is impressive. In the past it was Rockefeller, J P Morgan and law firms like Brown Brothers Harriman.

A free market allows anyone to buy or sell their own private property to anyone willing to freely negotiate a deal.

The Non Aggression Principle dictates we not initiate violence against another. Violence includes theft, taxation and asset forfeiture (but I repeat myself). Violence is also arrest and imprisonment for committing acts of self-ownership.

Freedom is not a gang with badges and guns demanding obedience. Freedom is not a progressive government allowing non-government thieves to “express themselves” by burning down your business.

This is what your government wants you to think is freedom. Does this make you think ‘self-ownership’?

or this

me neither.

Be seeing you


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