Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 7, 2017

Washington’s whore and the whore’s subservient German cabinet want to impose fines of $53 million dollars on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms if they permit complaints about Germany being overrun by Muslims. Those who complain, that is, those who use Germany’s guaranteed free speech, are defined as hate criminals or purveyors of fake news.

It is impossible to imagine any more subservience to Washington than the utterly corrupt and anti-German Merkel government displays.

The Merkel whore’s Washington-subservient government wants Germans who protest Washington’s barbarism and the dire consequences for Germany to be punished for “hate crimes” and spreading “fake news.”

Truth is  the first victim. Ask Mark Zuckerberg. His contribution to Merkel’s campaign of destruction was to limit anti-immigration news on German facebook sites.

I can’t imagine the motivation for someone to wantonly destroy their own country and it’s culture.

Has Merkel’s communist youth leader past come back like some cancer out of remission?

Why is she still in power?  Reports are that the population is fed up uncontrolled immigration. I guess I just don’t understand the current German mindset.

But then I don’t understand why the US is still reigning death and destruction over people who have never attacked US (Shias) while siding with and supporting with money and US lives those that regularly attack US (Sunnis).

I am afraid European culture, as we know it, is past the point of no return.  How long before the no-go areas where police are afraid to go encompass whole cities?

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