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Insane Washington Is Driving The World To Thermo-Nuclear War

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 8, 2017

Washington’s military attack on Syria is unambigiously a war crime. It occurred without any UN authorization or even the fake cover of a “coalition of the willing.” Washington’s attack on Syria occurred in advance of an investigation of the alleged event that Washington is trying to use as its justification. Indeed, Washington’s story of Syrian use of chemical weapons is totally implausible.

As Russia has made clear, the alleged chemical weapons attack has every hallmark of a Washington orchestrated event in order to launch a US military attack on Syria.

Insane Washington is driving the world to thermo-nuclear war. And where are the protests?

The reason we deplorables voted for Trump was to avoid this.  We might as well have voted for the pathological liar. We will end up just as dead.

The end would have been quicker as the pentagon would have saved a few days in not having to convert her.

Be seeing you…up there hopefully.


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