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Get Over It – You Have Zero Online Privacy | The Nestmann Group

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 19, 2017

But to paraphrase Shakespeare, methinks they protest too much. The fact is, unless you take precautions, you already have exactly zero privacy online. Your online data is there for the taking by the likes of Google, Facebook… and the NSA (National Security Agency). And thanks to the new law, by ISPs such as Verizon and AT&T as well.

So how do you to protect yourself? In my case, I take the following precautions, among others:

  • Private browsing. I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser and put it in “Private Browsing” mode. This prevents it from saving visited pages, searches, cookies, or temporary files – all grist for the likes of Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.

  • Defeat tracking. As an add-on to Firefox, I use a plug-in called “NoScript.” Among other capabilities, this program identifies all the web sites that are secretly tracking me and allows me to block none, some, or all of them.

  • Virtual private network (VPN). To prevent hackers from stealing my login credentials, I use a VPN. This software constructs an encrypted data channel between my computer or smartphone and the internet so that my data stream can’t be monitored. As a bonus, it prevents the kind of ISP spying Congress just authorized. The VPN we use at The Nestmann Group is Cryptohippie.

  • Private email. Hackers routinely penetrate domestic email services. Last December, for instance, Yahoo disclosed that hackers had stolen login credentials of nearly one billion accounts. Here at The Nestmann Group, we protect ourselves from these sorts of incursions by using Thunderbird as our email client and the Enigmail plug-in to encrypt our messages. Even if someone manages to hack into our servers in Switzerland, all they’ll find there is encrypted gibberish.

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