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The French scuttle their own ship, by Thierry Meyssan

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 26, 2017

Emmanuel Macron has received the strong support of ex-US President Barack Obama and has gathered a team for foreign policy composed of the main neoconservative diplomats. He makes no secret of supporting the external politics of the US Democratic Party.
Open borders and multiculturalism with Islamic violence as the price France will have to pay…That is Macron’s stance. That is what is in store for France. 

The icing on the cake is Macron is ex(?) Rothchild. Even Obama was not ex Goldman Sachs. Quite a resume or CV as they call it over there. 

The French like their free stuff even more than US. I don’t see them getting more of that with Le Pen. There are not enough deplorables to overcome this younger version of Hillary. 

Unless there is a Trumplike surprise the market for prayer rugs in France will be good. Stock up on French wine and champagne while you can. 

Visit the Louvre too, the artistic enlightenment we are told that is a result of Islamic “expansion” results in either their taking credit for it or it’s destruction.

A Macron victory will speed the Islamization of Europe.

Prepare for the odd rape now and again if you are unfortunate enough to be a woman in an Islamic culture. Convert or die.  That is the Islam way. Where will European/Christian refugees have to go?  Eastern Europe possibly, it will hold out longer.

Could Russia be Europe’s cultural savior! Now there is a  thought. Maybe the pentagon should rethink its war plan with Russia. I am allowed to dream!

That reduction in the 35 hour work week the European millennials expect to see with Macron will be very expensive. Not just in terms of money.

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