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The Folly of Wilsonism

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 26, 2017

“What we demand in this war,” he said, “is nothing peculiar to ourselves. It is that the world be made fit and safe to live in. … All the peoples of the world are in effect partners in this interest.”

This gauzy humanitarianism was dangerous then, and it is dangerous now. When you include all the peoples of the world in your global project, you end up with an unmanageable foreign-policy remit with no end in sight. The world is a brutal place, full of senseless, horrific killing in multiple locations at all times. Despite Tillerson’s tall talk about protecting innocents everywhere, it isn’t possible.

This magazine has been warning since its inception about the Wilsonian ethos and impulse. It isn’t that we don’t care about the sufferings of humanity around the globe. Nor do we think humanitarianism has no place in foreign-policy considerations. But the humanitarian project, as a global policy, holds no reasonable prospect of success. More likely it will draw the country into folly and tragedy. Governments weren’t instituted for such purposes; they exist for the protection and wellbeing of their citizens.

Tillerson should ask himself: who among his countrymen should die in behalf of his wispy notion of helping innocents throughout the world? It’s a fitting question because we know that Americans nearly always die when such projects unfold (Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen).

Who among you is willing to die for Montenegro, the newest member of the zombie that refuses to die NATO? Tell me again, how would war for all the world’s Montenegro’s help you?

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