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Chelsea Clinton Gets Another Award, This Time for Handing Out Grapefruits to the Homeless

Posted by M. C. Fox on April 27, 2017

Don’t you get tired of this stupid stuff?


Apparently Clinton worship is still going strong.  No end in sight. The big drawing card is likely the big pile of her mommy and daddy’s ill gotten gains on which Chelsea is sitting.

The next step will likely be directly to the Nobel peace prize. Bubba didn’t win it for freeing Bosnia from the shackles of Christendom. A wrong that must be made right. She obviously has done much to deserve it.  As much as Obama or Yassir Arafat.

It would be a lovely addition to her resume when she (or is it “Ze” in her world) makes the inevitable run for political office.

Everyone’s a winner!

Be seeing you



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