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Sauron Rules in Washington

Posted by M. C. Fox on May 6, 2017

Like in a knife fight, the neocons believe there are no rules…for them.

A reader asked why neoconservatives push toward nuclear war when there can be no winners. If all die, what is the point?

The answer is that the neoconservatives believe that the US can win at minimum and perhaps zero damage.

Their insane plan is as follows: Washington will ring Russia and China with anti-ballistic missile bases in order to provide a shield against a retaliatory strike from Russia and China. Moreover, these US anti-ABM bases also can deploy nuclear attack missiles unknown to Russia and China, thus reducing the warning time to five minutes, leaving Washington’s victims little or no time in which to make a decision.

The neoconservative plan puts Europe, the UK, Japan, S. Korea, and Australia at high risk were Russia and China to retaliate. Washington’s ABM shield cannot protect Europe from Russia’s nuclear cruise missiles or from the Russian Air Force, so Europe would cease to exist. China’s response would hit Japan, S. Korea, and Australia.

Russia is “resurgent” because Russia is able to block US unilateral actions against some other countries.

This capability flies in the face of the neoconservative Wolfowitz doctrine, which says that the principal goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any country that can serve as a check on Washington’s unilateral action.

The last phrase is the key to neocon philosophy. Even people like Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland understand the US can’t run the entire world.  It would be nice in their eyes but not practical. The next best thing is to intimidate politically and militarily, think Ukraine.

When there are players that won’t play by our rules that is when the problems start. They are a threat to power and wealth.  They must submit or be eliminated. The CIA has eliminated scores of tin pot dictators that wouldn’t bend over.

Russia and China are another story. Nuclear war is considered a viable option to get them in line or eliminate them.

The unspeakable is now a household word in Washington.

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