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Project: FEDcoin – Fight Going Cashless Like Your Life Depends On It Because It Does.

Posted by M. C. on May 6, 2017

The Dangers of Digital Money

Doug, this sounds like a real benefit…

It’s very dangerous.

Without cash, you have no privacy. If you have to put everything through a bank account, the government knows exactly what you’re buying, what you’re selling, how much you are earning. They’re in complete control; able to take what they want out of it including your entire account if you become politically undesirable…

There is no reason to trust a digital, computerized economy as the National Bank of Bangladesh found out not very long ago. They had $81 million deposited with the New York Fed. The New York Fed was hacked and the National Bank of Bangladesh lost $81 million. Have they gotten it back? No. Will they get it back? No.

This can happen to anybody in any bank. This is another advantage of having cash. Sure, it can be stolen, it can be lost, but the size of the theft’s that can be conducted electronically in today’s world absolutely dwarf any problems that you would have with cash.

Everything is being digitized because it gives them much more control over what you do and what you have and what you earn. It ensures that you’re going to pay your taxes because everything is completely transparent to them.

This is a very serious situation and you’ve got to get in front of it now.

The next step in obtaining complete government control and oversight of our lives.

Government digital currency and cashless society.

Billion$ for war can be created by a click on a screen. Your life will be tracked by where you spend your money because every transaction can be will be an open book.

Your access to your own money can be shutoff at any time, for any reason or no reason and cash will be illegal. 

I think about Franz Kafka’s “K” more and more.




You won’t have to worry about figuring your income tax on time because the government will have all the info it needs to do it and will just deduct whatever it thinks is correct. I heard the IRS Kommandant say tax 25 or thirty years ago they wanted to figure everyone’s tax.

Here is a thought-having income tax deducted every time there is a deposit to your account.  Not so unimaginable is it?

The potential for errors, theft and corruption is limitless.  This IS government we are talking about.

When the government sees your medical records indicate high blood sugar your access to candies or alcohol can be shut off.  Think that is OTP?  New York City is already blazing a trail.

Red meat, any meat, spirits, firearms and ammo, movies, gallons of gas burned, where you go, who you see, what you read…if someone decides you are doing too much of the wrong thing then a button is pushed and you are shut off.

All this information is already being data banked when you use a credit card, gas card or read a digital book. Something as innocent as reading a digital book while on line is a threat. What you read, when you read, how many pages read at a sitting, what page you are on now, it is all data banked.

Fight going cashless like your life depends on it because it does.

Be seeing you




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