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Israel, The Gift That Keeps On Taking

Posted by M. C. on May 7, 2017

Just how afraid of Israel is Washington?

The following letter (original PDF) was obtained on May 4, 2017 by IRmep via the Freedom of Information Act (release letter PDF) from a classified FBI and Department of Homeland Security dossier. The letter was presumably sourced from an INTERPOL intercept.

It is an appeal for assistance written by convicted felon Richard Kelly Smyth to movie producer and self-confessed Israeli spy Arnon Milchan. Smyth had fled the United States in 1985 after being arrested and charged with smuggling. The letter (and other dossier documents) add details to the 2014 report published at suggesting Smyth and Arnon Milchan along with Benjamin Netanyahu were knowing participants in the well-documented conspiracy to illegally smuggle krytrons, which can be used as triggers for nuclear weapons, to the Israeli Ministry of Defense via front companies. The letter also confirms Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, worked as Arnon Milchan’s employee at Heli Trading, the Israeli node of the smuggling network.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu successfully lobbied Secretary of State John Kerry to grant in 2016 a 10-year resident visa for Arnon Milchan to remain in the United States. The US Department of State currently refuses to release information about their secret negotiations or the State Department’s awareness of Milchan’s espionage activities on behalf of Israel before it granted the visa. – Grant F. Smith, IRmep Directo

The Israelis obviously needed the trigger material to go along with the uranium they stole from NUMEC in Pennsylvania.

Four years ago, in March 2010, the two researchers wrote “Revisiting the NUMEC Affair” for the Bulletin. They contended there was abundant evidence available from declassified documents to support suspicions that at least some of the 337 kg. of radioactive materials that had gone missing from NUMEC in the 1960s from the plant in Apollo had been stolen and taken to the nuclear research reactor in Dimona, Israel. The cited documents also reveal that the FBI, CIA, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and members of the top echelons of the U.S. national security establishment were aware that NUMEC’s founder and president, Zalman Shapiro, not only had ties to Israeli intelligence officers and operatives with science-related job descriptions, but had also allowed them into the NUMEC plant.

We have been turning a blind eye since the 50s.

 The list of nations that secretly sold Israel the material and expertise to make nuclear warheads, or who turned a blind eye to its theft, include today’s staunchest campaigners against proliferation: the US, France, Germany, Britain and even Norway.

In fact, US involvement went deeper than mere silence. At a meeting in 1976 that has only recently become public knowledge, the CIA deputy director Carl Duckett informed a dozen officials from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the agency suspected some of the fissile fuel in Israel’s bombs was weapons-grade uranium stolen under America’s nose from a processing plant in Pennsylvania.

Not only was an alarming amount of fissile material going missing at the company, Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (Numec), but it had been visited by a veritable who’s-who of Israeli intelligence, including Rafael Eitan, described by the firm as an Israeli defence ministry “chemist”, but, in fact, a top Mossad operative who went on to head Lakam.

“It was a shock. Everyody was open-mouthed,” recalls Victor Gilinsky, who was one of the American nuclear officials briefed by Duckett. “It was one of the most glaring cases of diverted nuclear material but the consequences appeared so awful for the people involved and for the US than nobody really wanted to find out what was going on.”

The investigation was shelved and no charges were made.

A few years later, on 22 September 1979, a US satellite, Vela 6911, detected the double-flash typical of a nuclear weapon test off the coast of South Africa. Leonard Weiss, a mathematician and an expert on nuclear proliferation, was working as a Senate advisor at the time and after being briefed on the incident by US intelligence agencies and the country’s nuclear weapons laboratories, he became convinced a nuclear test, in contravention to the Limited Test Ban Treaty, had taken place.

It was only after both the Carter and then the Reagan administrations attempted to gag him on the incident and tried to whitewash it with an unconvincing panel of enquiry, that it dawned on Weiss that it was the Israelis, rather than the South Africans, who had carried out the detonation.

If the US doesn’t do what Israel wants, Israel kills.  Remember the Liberty.

Remember the <em>Liberty</em>

The USS Liberty was an American reconnaissance ship, unarmed except for four 50-caliber machine guns, serving with the U.S. 6th fleet in the Mediterranean. During the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and her Arab neighbors, it was stationed in international waters off the Egyptian coast. Israel’s air force and navy attempted to sink the Liberty. First their unmarked planes (bearing no Israeli insignia) hammered the ship with rockets, cannons, and napalm. They especially targeted the Liberty’s communication antennas; after destroying these, they sent in torpedo boats to finish the job. Five torpedoes were launched; one struck the ship, which had taken evasive action. In the meantime, Liberty crew members patched together some communications equipment, and got off a message to the 6th fleet that they were under attack. The aircraft carrier Saratoga replied that warplanes were on the way. The Israelis, apparently having overheard the communications, ceased attacking and fled. However, unknown to both the Liberty and her assailants, U.S. warplanes were not on their way. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara had ordered Rear Admiral Geis, commander of the task force which included the Saratoga, to recall them. As John E. Borne relates in The USS Liberty: Dissenting History vs. Official History:

The first rescue flight was canceled on direct orders by radio from Secretary of Defense McNamara, who ordered a 90-minute delay before any further flights. When the second flight took off at 1550 (having waited 90 minutes as ordered) Geis notified McNamara, who again ordered the recall of the flights. Any officer who doubts the wisdom of an order he has received has the prerogative to ask that the order be confirmed by a yet-higher officer, and Geis availed himself of that right. Since he was questioning the order of the Secretary of Defense, the only man superior to the Secretary was the President. President Johnson himself came on the radio and ordered Geis to recall the flights because “we are not going to embarrass an ally.” 1

The attack left 34 Americans dead and 173 wounded.

Did you get that? “Embarrass” an “Ally”.

I don’t know about you but I am sick of Israel, sick of doing their dirty work in the Middle East and sick of the their paid lackeys in Washington.

Be seeing you



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