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The CIA’s Legacy of Lies – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 13, 2017

Even Harry Truman, who signed The National Security Act in 1947, concluded that creating the CIA had been his most grievous mistake, the American people need to know the kinds of actions that the agency has taken that are not only violate the sovereignty of other nations but subvert the ideas of the United States itself. Its actions have been primarily responsible for the wide-spread belief that America is “the greatest terrorist state” in the world.

Its activities include:

* 1953: Iran coup d’état* 1954: Guatemalan coup* 1961: Dag Hammarskhjold* 1961: Ecuadorian coup* 1961: Patrice Lamumba* 1963: Dominican Republic* 1963: The Diem Brothers* 1964: Brazilian coup* 1965: Indonesian coup* 1965: Greek coup* 1967: Che Guevara* 1968: Peruvian coup* 1970: Salvadore Allende* 1975: Australian coup* 1979: El Salvadorian coup* 1986: Iran/Contra scandal* 1989: Panamanian coup* 1991: The Gulf War* 1993: Haitian coup

More than 80 coups appear to have been carried out by the CIA, 

Here I go again dissing the CIA. I know it is boring to a few but the message doesn’t seem to be getting across.

Roger Stone has said there has been a recent assassination attempt against him. And this is a surprise?

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