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The left’s misguided obsession with ‘cultural appropriation’ – The Washington Post

Posted by M. C. on May 14, 2017

Indignation about appropriation is a new frontier in the ever-expanding empire of cultivated victimhood: “Marginalized” persons from a particular culture supposedly are somehow wounded when “privileged” people — those who are unvictimized or less victimized — express or even just enjoy the culture of more pure victims without their permission.

The wearing of sombreros at tequila-themed parties triggered — to speak the language of the exquisitely sensitive — the anti-appropriation constabulary at Bowdoin College. Oberlin College’s palate police denounced as “appropriative” an allegedly inauthentic preparation of General Tso’s chicken. Such nonsense is harmless — until it morphs into attempts to regulate something serious, like writing fiction: Do not write about cultures other than your own.

This manifests itself to a great extent in that giant cesspool that is progressive dominated government schools.

How any parent could contemplate sending their child to a place that demanded a girl be addressed as Ze is beyond me. Sadly it is happens all the time.

If these SJWs that want to demand concurrence with acceptable TO THEM were around (and they were to a much lesser extent) in 1954 Elvis would have been nipped in the bud as everyone’s favorite deputy would have said.

Speaking of the king

Listening to Radio Luxembourg late one night, teenaged Keith Richards heard “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “when I woke up the next day I was a different guy.” Bob Dylan, a freewheeling cultural appropriator himself, said, “Hearing Elvis for the first time was like busting out of jail.” Those who would wall off cultures from “outsiders” are would-be wardens.

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