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Terrorism Is Not a Forest Fire – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 25, 2017

The West still seems at a loss to understand why this is happening. Well, guys, here’s why: You need to get out of the Middle East and stay out. It really is that simple. And you guys have been told that repeatedly for decades. But the real reason Western governments refuse to listen is because they’re pretty much safe against suffering the consequences of Western government Middle East meddling. It’s the public that pays the price, not the politicians.
The public pays in civilian and military lives and taxes used to support the military and the bankster profiteers.

What this means is: When a thing happens in the Middle East, you leave it alone. Let it burn itself out. But if you go in there to “fight” that “fire”, you are only assuring there will one day be a catastrophic forest fire that will consume everything in it’s path. That’s where we’re at today, having fought countless fires in the Middle East only for the fires to get bigger and bigger over time. Terrorism is the catastrophic forest fire that has jumped the fire line and the firefighters are reluctant to tell everyone that, hey, we can’t save your homes after boasting that we’d beat this fire. Sorry.

There is an argument that if the US had no entered WW I that war would have ended in a truce. The disaster that was the Treaty of Versailles would not have happened therefore no Hitler.

Leaving Germany and Russia to beat themselves to more of a pulp in WW II may have resulted in a less powerful Soviet Union.

Vietnam was about as long for the US as WW I & II.  Iraq & Afghanistan much longer.

War as foreign policy doesn’t work.


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