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Get Ready to Unpack for Airport Security

Posted by M. C. Fox on May 24, 2017

TSA has been criticized in the past for missing weapons in undercover government tests.

New procedures, such as requiring all food or all electronics larger than cellphones be placed in bins separately, are still being tested. Changes haven’t yet been finalized, but senior Transportation Security Administration officials agreed to discuss them publicly for the first time. Decisions will be made in a few weeks, with new rules implemented after the summer travel rush, once screeners are trained and announcements made.

Food can trigger lots of false alarms because of the density of some items. Chocolate, for example, can look like some types of explosives to X-ray machines.

This whole article is about how the TSA still, since 9/11, can’t figure out how to scan luggage.  They can’t tell chocolate from C4.

I hope terrorists hold of until after the summer travel rush.

It is all theater. A tragedy. A joke and the public continues to suffer.

Make the airlines responsible for their own security.  They can’t be any worse and airlines will be liable for screw-ups therefore more likely to do a good job, unlike the government.

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