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The Paris Climate Agreement – Aussie Conservative Blog

Posted by M. C. on June 1, 2017

They want to take your MONEY and control your life.

Like the climategate emails demonstrated, the environmental MONEY machine can’t even tell us why things happened in the past let alone what the temperature reduction will be due to the Paris agreement.

Terrorism and environmentalism are a lot alike, just as…

My former governor Tom Ridge, DHS creator, now president of an international security consultant firm and Al Gore, board member of untold number of environmental concerns, are a lot alike.

Using fear as a vehicle to control us and make a ton of MONEY in the process.

Climate change and terrorism  will never be brought under control. That is the plan. There is too much power, control and MONEY at stake.

Ask your rep why two world wars were fought and won in less time than we have been in Iraq.  War is a Racket. War is MONEY.

UN one worlders like Soros want to use climate change agreements to put a ball and chain on first world countries, primarily US, and use US MONEY to bankroll their third world puppets.

From the progressive angle, as the BBC’s (and Slate’s) favorite eugenicist David Attenborough put it-man is a plague on the earth.

But its mostly the MONEY.

Be seeing you

Did I mention the MONEY?



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