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Erie Times E-Edition Article-How to end threat of future pandemics in America by 2030

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2021

Notice how the article never mentions specifics on how this will be done except that Ridge and Lieberman want ALOT more of YOUR money.

Tom Ridge-the guy that bought a teachers union, started the DHS that took reading your email, following your internet searches and listening to your phones to a higher level. Remember when having a Bob Barr bumper sticker could tag you as an “extremist”?

Do you really want him developing new ways to: control your life, your choices and stick stuff in your arm?

America has a proud history of taking on grand technological challenges in times of need. The Manhattan Project to split the atom. The Interstate Highway System to connect the entire nation, and the Apollo Program to go to the moon. They share similarities in scale, ambition and necessity, and demonstrate our ability to engage in large-scale projects using cutting-edge technology to meet national needs.

America’s Apollo Program succeeded in its first moonshot less than a decade after President John Kennedy challenged the country to make it happen.

The audacity of that goal inspires us to issue a similar challenge: To end the threat of debilitating and deadly pandemics.

The Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense, which we have co-chaired for the past six years, has re-released a report called ‘The Apollo Program for Biodefense: Winning the Race Against Biological Threats.’ If the U.S. government acts now, our recommendations could effectively end the era of pandemic threats before the next decade begins and eliminate U.S. vulnerabilities to biological attacks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 2.1 million people around the world, ravaged health systems and devastated economies. It also has exposed destabilizing divisions within and among countries and revealed domestic and global weaknesses in biodefense.

Catastrophic infectious disease outbreaks occur regularly throughout history and experts agree that they will occur with greater frequency because of modern travel and international commerce. We spend billions preparing for other threats to American lives, such as war, but little to prevent infectious diseases, which tragically kill more people. Spending on biological risk reduction would be far less than the significant cost of continuing to let future pandemics harm our people and weaken our nation again.

We warned in 2015 that the U.S. was inadequately prepared for biological threats in our baseline report, ‘A National Blueprint for Biodefense: Leadership and Major Reform Needed to Optimize Efforts.’ More than five years later, COVID-19 has validated our original findings. The pandemic exposed tremendous national vulnerabilities and weaknesses in America’s ability to defend itself against, and respond to, biological threats.

But we have seen that new technologies hold great promise. Within weeks of recognizing the existence of the novel coronavirus, scientists mapped its entire genome and developed and produced vaccines faster than ever before. They accomplished these previously unimaginable feats because of forward-looking programs such as the Human Genome Project.

But we desperately need new strategies, countermeasures and defenses. Through an Apollo Program for Biodefense, we can make invisible biological enemies visible and take pandemic threats off the table by 2030. The Apollo Program for Biodefense could achieve multiple groundbreaking technological goals in support of a single, overarching mission: to gain technological superiority over biological threats. We envision a time when people look back and wonder how we ever let infectious diseases wreak such havoc on society and how we tolerated seasonal influenza, let alone COVID-19 and biological attacks.

To achieve the results sought by The Apollo Program for Biodefense, the commission urges the Biden administration and Congress to include funds for this program as part of a unified biodefense budget and in the President’s Budget Request; appropriate long-term, multi-year funding for the program; and fully implement the remaining recommendations we laid out in our 2015 National Blueprint for Biodefense.

With ambitious technological goals in mind, the commission’s recommended program could deploy medical countermeasures within days or even in advance of a biological event, detect a novel biological threat at the first human cluster, and enable the public to gather in spaces built to prevent pathogen transmission.

Now is the time to advance technological solutions to the horrific problems COVID-19 has caused. When the original Apollo Program began, much of the know-how needed to get to the Moon did not exist. By contrast, today we have many of the scientific capabilities we need to achieve the mission of The Apollo Program for Biodefense. Now we must bring them together to achieve our next great national goal – freedom from fear of infectious disease.

Former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, co-chair the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense.

Be seeing you

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Erie Times E-Edition Article – I am voting for Joe Biden, join me

Posted by M. C. on September 30, 2020

Trump campaigned on bringing troops home and ending endless wars.

He hasn’t done such a great job but the war machine can take no chances.

A vote for Biden is a vote for a Harris administration. Even Biden/Harris can’t keep themselves from saying it. Marxist Harris is no threat to the MIC.

War and fear are a money maker. Trump is a potential threat to Ridge Global’s bottom line.


Tom Ridge

Be seeing you

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Erie Times E-Edition Article – Trump whistleblower claim should outrage all Americans

Posted by M. C. on September 17, 2020

The same Tom Ridge that helped create the most intrusive citizen spying network in history.

He also guaranteed PA teachers benefits on the taxpayers back to win the union endorsement for the governor’s re-election.

Ridge fails to mention that all the 3 letter government organization mentioned in his article have spied on and assassinated undesirables, and overthrown governments all over the planet.

This first appeared in USA Today.

By 6:30 each morning the daily threat matrix — compiled from various intelligence agencies and offering fearsome snapshots of all the possible dangers afoot — was delivered by a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. Sometimes the listing was modest and sometimes voluminous. Some of the threats seemed far-fetched, others all too plausible.

Each entry required its own interpretation based on a variety of factors, including CIA, FBI and National Security Agency assessments.

As the new guy in town — tapped by President George W. Bush to serve as White House adviser on Homeland Security in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks — it was my job to distill that intelligence in daily briefings with the president. The horrors of 9/11 were still fresh in our memory. It was an awesome responsibility. I knew I had his ear.

Anticipated dangers were coming from all directions, including an anthrax attack that shut down government and took more innocent lives. Politics could not be a consideration in these briefings. I always believed my job was to tell the president what he needed to know, not what he wanted to hear.

If the allegations made last week by a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower are correct — that a senior intelligence analyst was told to stop providing intelligence reports on the threat of Russian interference in the 2020 election because it “made the president look bad” — it should make anyone who had the privilege and responsibility to brief a U.S. president furious, and it should make all Americans shudder.

Patriots risking their lives

As my role transitioned from a presidential adviser to the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, my appreciation for the work of American intelligence officers only grew. These men and women are true patriots, with those in the field risking their lives to bring back critical information that forms the daily threat assessments used to shape decisions made at the highest levels of government. I can promise you that information saved lives.

Brian Murphy, the DHS official who had been in charge of intelligence and analysis at DHS, said he was told not only to stand down on reporting, he also alleged that he was told to modify intelligence reports, including about white supremacists to bring them in line with President Trump’s public comments. Thankfully, he said he refused that direction.

This episode is yet another example of how President Trump continues to undermine and erode the trust of the American public in our system of government. This is the same man who routinely pronounces that the only way he will lose reelection is if the election itself is rigged. It is hard to imagine a more un-American and fraudulent statement from an incumbent president.

Trump undercuts election process

Every day he finds another way to undermine and denigrate the most fundamental and basic tool of government — our election process.

As a lifelong Republican, I wish those in my party who currently hold the trust of their constituents would speak out. I am astonished that there remains virtual silence on these repeated episodes that hack away at the trust Americans must have in government leaders for our republic to work.

We are in the midst of a pandemic — many Americans are still afraid to leave their homes — yet President Trump wants to make it harder to vote by bashing the proven absentee ballot system. It is unconscionable.

Nineteen years ago on Sept. 11, nearly 3,000 Americans perished at the hands of tyrannical zealots who despise American ideals. If most Americans of a certain age are like me, they will never forget the haunting images of that day. We will never forget.

On this anniversary, let us honor their lives by embracing what it means to be a patriot. Be involved in your community. Educate yourself on these key issues facing our nation. And vote. Vote in person, or if you don’t feel safe because of COVID-19, vote absentee. Your vote will be accurately counted.

Let the memories of those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, be a blessing to their families and friends. Erie nativeTom Ridge was the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and a Republican governor of Pennsylvania. He serves as co-chair of VoteSafe, which seeks to ensure all Americans can vote safely during the pandemic.

Tom Ridge


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Report: Trump Allies Slam DHS Secretary Nielsen as ‘Never Trumper’

Posted by M. C. on May 14, 2018

Tom Ridge, former Governor of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and serial vote buyer, was the first head of the Department of Keeping Track of Honest Americans. Currently head of Tom Ridge Global,money maker from government generated terrorism.

Nielsen, keeping terrorism and her job alive. No wonder Ridge likes her.

America la$t.


According to sources with Politico, Trump’s allies in the administration are not keen on Nielsen’s running of DHS, allegedly calling her a member of the failed “Never Trump” movement.

The Politico report claims that “associates” of Trump make “the case that she’s a closeted ‘never Trumper’ who still doesn’t fully back his agenda.” Read the rest of this entry »

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The Paris Climate Agreement – Aussie Conservative Blog

Posted by M. C. on June 1, 2017

They want to take your MONEY and control your life.

Like the climategate emails demonstrated, the environmental MONEY machine can’t even tell us why things happened in the past let alone what the temperature reduction will be due to the Paris agreement.

Terrorism and environmentalism are a lot alike, just as… Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom Ridge Confronting Terror

Posted by M. C. on December 20, 2015

Tom Ridge 12-18-15

The attached Tom Ridge editorial appeared in the 18 Dec Erie Times News.  Tom Ridge is a neocon poster boy.  He accepted W’s offer to start the department of homeland security after 9/11.  Ridge is a local hero.  First a representative, then PA governor, had the Erie airport named after him, then made the father of DHS, now an international security consultant making a bundle from terrorism.  The editorial is worth a read to see where Ridge and my editorial response below come from.

Tom Ridge’s 18 Dec editorial on confronting terror was so divorced from reality I am forced to comment.

“(America) has led the free world by tapping into humanity’s courage and sense of duty, not hate, to overcome evil.” So many empty words in such a small space. What sense of duty led the US to tear the Middle East apart? Was it the CIA’s duty to overthrow the Iranian government in 1953 and install the brutal Shah? Was it Ambassador Alice Glaspie’s duty to give Saddam Hussein the green light to invade Kuwait so we would have an excuse to retaliate? Is it our duty to vaporize every Middle Eastern male capable of holding a gun or shovel, broom, hoe or anything that looks like a gun from a drone camera?

And no, Donald Trump is not a ‘go it alone’ guy. When Trump says he has no problem with Russia taking on ISIS fear strikes the hearts of neocons. Anyone that threatens US control and power anywhere on the planet must be put in their place.

Next come the real whoppers. Read the rest of this entry »

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