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Erie Sidewalk Tax

Posted by M. C. on June 11, 2017

Look up rustbelt and there will be a picture of Erie PA. People and businesses are leaving Erie and Pennsylvania in droves.

Taxes are one of the issues not conducive to these entities.  PA has one of the largest and most expensive state legislatures which is sinking PA in debt.

One of the debt contributors is former governor, first DHS head and terrorism entrepreneur Tom Ridge.  He won re-election buy by promising the teachers union an outlandish pension, on the taxpayers back.

Erie bars and taverns wants to make things more fun and generate more business. One of their ways is setting up sidewalk cafes ala Europe. One third of Erie is property tax free so the city wants to tax anything that lives and breathes. Hence the sidewalk tax.

The following is my rant published in the Erie Times News:

People have nerve. They pay directly or through taxes to have sidewalks built and maintained and think they can set up sidewalk tables and chairs without government permission and more fees (taxes). They join Erie’s criminal elite, kids selling lemonade and hotdogs from the front yard without permits. Justification is always pathetic. Peoria wrings blood from its businesses, we can too!

Remember “Pennsylvania-Land of Taxes” license plates? Remember when 12th street didn’t look like a ghost town?

The June 4 Daily Bell had the perfect definition for licensing (permitting). “Licensing is when the government takes a right from you and sells it back.”. The Bell article was in regard to a master criminal selling vegetables without a permit. They go on to say…”the point of licenses is protection. You pay to play. If you don’t pay off the city and county they will send their hired thugs to …demand the protection money”.

Fees and taxes are costs of business paid by higher prices, lower wages and/or fewer employees…if the perp is still in business. How is this helping?


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