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Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US

Posted by M. C. Fox on June 14, 2017

Story at-a-glance

  • Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is among a coalition of environmental, medical and health groups suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban artificial water fluoridation
  • The EPA has been served with a petition that includes more than 2,500 pages of scientific documentation detailing the risks of water fluoridation to human health
  • New study quantifies fluoride’s potential to lower IQ in children. There are now over 100 animal studies and over 50 human studies proving fluoride’s neurotoxicity, prompting the U.S. government to fund new studies


The government we worship made us ingest fluoride for our own good because we were too damn dumb to take care of ourselves.  What happened?


Ever wonder why that fluoride toothpaste you make your kids use says not to swallow it?  This is not news, at least to toothpaste makers.

I just read where fluoride had to be applied topically to be effective.

All those nut jobs scoffed at by government and the press years ago and right up to now were right.

Who are scoffed at now? Libertarians, Trumpites, peace advocates, freedom advocates, multiculturalism skeptics, climate change skeptics, PC and SJW skeptics…

Who will be proven right? Will we live long enough to see it?

Be seeing you



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