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Endless Wars-Winning Is Not In The Plan

Posted by M. C. on August 2, 2017

Unless we believe Kim is a suicidal madman, his goal seems clear. He wants what every nuclear power wants — the ability to strike his enemy’s homeland with horrific impact, in order to deter that enemy.

Kim wants his regime recognized and respected, and the U.S., which carpet-bombed the North from 1950-1953, out of Korea.

A time for truth. U.S. sanctions on North Korea, like those voted for by Congress last week, are not going to stop Kim from acquiring ICBMs. He is too close to the goal line.

And any pre-emptive strike on the North could trigger a counterattack on Seoul by massed artillery on the DMZ, leaving tens of thousands of South Koreans dead, alongside U.S. soldiers and their dependents.

We could be in an all-out war to the finish with the North, a war the American people do not want to fight.

But North Korea is not the only potential adversary with whom our relations are rapidly deteriorating.

The Second Cold War, begun when we moved NATO to Russia’s borders and helped dump over a pro-Russian regime in Kiev, is getting colder. Expect Moscow to reciprocate Congress’ hostility when we ask for her assistance in Syria and with North Korea.

While wary of a war with North Korea, Washington seems to be salivating for a war with Iran. Indeed, Trump’s threat to declare Iran in violation of the nuclear arms deal suggests a confrontation is coming.

One wonders: If Congress is hell-bent on confronting the evil that is Iran, why does it not cancel Iran’s purchases and options to buy the 140 planes the mullahs have ordered from Boeing?

Was this what America voted for, or is this what America voted against?

If the Pentagon has it’s way there are going to be a lot of rich and powerful people. Especially Boeing which is selling aircraft to Iran and aircraft to the NATO military to shoot them down.

Wealth and Empire. That is what these wars are about.

Everyone is a winner except hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed military, millions in dead and maimed collateral damage (government-speak for civilians) and of course the lowly unwashed that are made to support the carnage.

It seems to me the MIC is not out to win , but just to keep stirring the pot. I have read this is an Israeli tactic. Keep everyone guessing, keep everyone fighting each, keep them confused and take advantage wherever and whenever possible.

Winning means no more war, no excuse for the MIC to exist at the level it does. No easy reason to justify spying on everyone and everything.

No, this is not what America voted for.

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