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Obamacare And Republicrats-What Is The Fix?

Posted by M. C. Fox on August 2, 2017

The failure to repeal Obamacare tells us a few things.

Despite X number of attempts to repeal, the Republicans never had a replacement plan.

Now that Republicans control the white house all but a few do NOT want to repeal. Full repeal, skinny repeal, any repeal-Nope, no way. It is all “Fake”.

Too many sheeple have been sucked in. Voter rebellion would be devastating.

Obamacare repeal was a campaign issue and nothing more. Republicans never wanted repeal. That is because Republicans are Democrats.

They are both about big government, big budgets, more war, less liberty. The differences are in the minutia- such as whether to tax, print or borrow money and who gets more free stuff first.


Yah, MORE! That’s what I want, MORE!

What may appear Democratic is wholly embraced by Republicans. Or is it the other way around? Tax simplification means adding 5,000 pages to the tax code. A budget cut is when next years desired 10% increase is cut to 8%. One side wants to increase taxes, the other wants to print money (the hidden tax of inflation) or borrow.

Both give you the same message-up is down, war is peace, giving up liberty means more freedom, we saved Mosul by bombing it flat and killing hundreds of thousands.

Money, power, crony capitalism, banksters, Dems, Repubs-they all crawl out of the same swamp. They all hate Trump because he doesn’t play nice and has had episodes of telling the truth.

Washington will never change. No matter who we the Deep State elects. “Hope and Change” is a “Fake” too.

A major collapse/overthrow/coup will merely end up with a reshuffle of the same power players.

The solution must come from somewhere else. From down below. I hate to use this phrase- “grass roots”. It must be new grass, not cut from the old sod.

This means you.

No large or even any central government. Small local governments that cater to local wants and needs with liberty being the paramount concern. Panarchism is an interesting approach.

Panarchism is a political philosophy which advocates one’s right to voluntary association in the choice of one’s own governance.

Most individuals did not choose their current government and many citizens disagree with some of the rules they are expected to obey. Panarchism means that a government, just like a church, should only have power over the individuals who choose to opt in.

This allows for multiple simultaneous governments in one state, where the citizens can select the system which best suits their needs and views.

Panarchism would give both responsibility and self-determination back to the citizen, while allowing the best governmental system(s) to prevail due to natural selection.

We are talking MAJOR overhaul.

I don’t have a sure fire solution but I do know what we have is broken beyond repair. It must smashed into a thousand pieces to paraphrase a dead president, victim of the system. It must be exterminated root and branch.


The swamp creatures, present and future, will fight us to the death. The solution will not come from them.

Be seeing you


I am not a number. I am a free man!


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