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The Progressive State of America – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. Fox on August 4, 2017

The progressive left is blathering about a living wage.  There are numerous fallacies at play here.  Suffice it to say that, by and large, your wages are determined by the customers who buy the goods and services you help produce.  If you work at a fast-food place and decry your wages, don’t blame the “greedy” employer; blame the “greedy” customers for not wanting to pay more for that burger and fries.  NBA owners are not less greedy than fast-food restaurant owners.  Rather, they have customers who place a higher value on the jump shot than on fast food. 

If we want to help the masses struggling to survive in the economy created by 100 years of progressivism, we need to establish a rather different standard, a living cost of government.  The leftist was never informed in government school that progressive government vastly increases the cost of living through taxes, regulations and inflation.  A regulation is simply a tax on wealth other than income.  Inflation is a hidden tax through expansion of the money supply.

If you, like 80% of Americans, are struggling to survive each week, don’t blame the victims, the average folks who just can’t afford to pay any more for the goods and services you help to produce.  They are maxed out just like you are.  Blame instead the real villain, the villain those government school teachers and college professors never told you about: the Progressive State of America.

What the author doesn’t say is it’s getting harder to find a politician/regulator that is not Progressive in most ways.  Who is against taxes, snooping, regulation, and war? Not many.

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