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The Truth About DDT and Silent Spring – The New Atlantis

Posted by M. C. on August 4, 2017

We have discovered many preventives against tropical diseases, and often against the onslaught of insects of all kinds, from lice to mosquitoes and back again. The excellent DDT powder which had been fully experimented with and found to yield astonishing results will henceforth be used on a great scale by the British forces in Burma and by the American and Australian forces in the Pacific and India in all theatres.

—Winston Churchill, September 24, 1944[1]

My own doubts came when DDT was introduced for civilian use. In Guyana, within two years it had almost eliminated malaria, but at the same time the birth rate had doubled. So my chief quarrel with DDT in hindsight is that it has greatly added to the population problem.

—Alexander King, cofounder of the Club of Rome, 1990[2]

I don’t know enough about DDT to comment one way or another but I do know about the Club of Rome. Environmentalism’s real enemy is not  DDT, it is you and me.

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