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The Pentagon’s $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria :: Balkan Insight

Posted by M. C. Fox on September 14, 2017

Do you think Kim Jung Un has not noticed this?

The Pentagon is on a spending spree as it scrabbles to amass vast quantities of Soviet-style weapons and ammunition. But it’s running into problems sourcing them, and is using misleading legal documents to disguise their final destination: Syria.

The weapons and ammunition that the Pentagon is supplying to Syria are dispatched through a sprawling logistical network, including an army of arms dealers, shipping companies, cargo airlines, German military bases and Balkan airports and ports. 

The purchases are routed through two channels. One is run by the US military’s Special Operations Command, SOCOM, and the other is operated by Picatinny Arsenal, a little-known New Jersey weapons depot. 

The Pentagon’s anti-ISIS programme became Washington’s sole military campaign in Syria in July 2017 after President Trump closed the CIA-funded Operation Syacamore, aimed at arming Syrian rebels fighting President Assad.

The Anti Assad forces are Al Qaeda or sympathetic to Al Qaeda. There are no moderate Al Qaeda.

Maximize the chaos and keep everyone guessing so you can pull the strings behind the scenes. The Israeli tactic we employ to bring peace to the Middle East. Good luck with all of that.

It should surprise no one that the US supplies Al Qaeda. Our major ally fighting the Shia is the Wahhabi extremist Sunni House of Saud. The very same House of Saud that financed 9/11. Al Qaeda is a Saudi tool. A tool created by the US. Mujaheddin (Bin Laden’s baby) financed by the CIA to fight Russia in Afghanistan morphs into Al Qaeda which spawns ISIS. This is the definition of blowback.

We are financing the Saudi war against the Shia in order to create a Saudi pan-Islam caliphate. Washington thinks it will control these guys for military/industrial/bankster profit. Good luck with all of that.

Have you  noticed that the US aids those that suppress personal freedom, women’s rights and chop off heads and limbs willy nilly. Then there is the Christian persecution. Freedom to worship in a Christian church in Saudi Arabia is about the same in Kosovo. Another one of our freedom projects gone awry. US style freedom has created a major drug and human organ trafficking hub.

Iraq, Iran and Libya were relatively liberal countries particularly in women’s education, dress and personal freedom. Iran still is because we haven’t liberated it yet. Iraq is a hell hole split between Al Qaeda and ISIS. Libya is a mess split between warring tribes and has become a gateway to illegal immigration to Italy and Greece.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi gave up nuclear weapon development in exchange for promises of safety by the US. That bought him a bayonet enema and the destruction of his country thanks in no small part to Hillary and

Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to a peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union in exchange for a halt to NATO expansion closer to Russia.


Do you think Kim Jung Un and his generals have not noticed Gadaffi’s fate? Do you think Kim or anyone else values the word of Washington?

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