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The real reason Hollywood is gunning for the NRA

Posted by M. C. on October 20, 2017

Hollywood scum are racing to see how quickly they can climb on a soapbox and claim they had no idea this was happening! This is what hollywood has run on since its inception. The sheeple eat it up when twits like Streep claim holier than thou ignorance.

When a sex scandal erupted against producer Harvey Weinstein, his first response was to pledge that he would “channel anger” in a campaign against the National Rifle Association, one of the most reliable devil-dolls liberals stick pins in to prove their bona fides.

Weinstein must have been shocked when this gesture did not gain him instant forgiveness for his sexual sins and shortcomings.  After all, were not guns phallic symbols?  Was not his anti-gun gesture therefore a symbolic repudiation of his own out-of-control manhood?

As the Weinstein scandal keeps expanding, threatening other prominent abusers in Hollywood and politics, many are eager to change the topic and move on by gunning for the NRA before the public hunt for wrongdoers sets its sights on them.                      
When Weinstein, Newsom, and Baldwin prate about their moral superiority in wanting to disarm Americans for our own good, keep this in mind.  In fact, whenever you hear any liberal man calling for stiffer gun control laws that would effectively disarm young women, think about their secret reasons for denying equal power to women.

Those on the left also have a different morality from the rest of humankind.  When Bill Clinton was caught having an affair with a woman almost as young as his daughter – a woman who, like many of his victims, Bubba had the power to fire from her government job if she refused his advances – the response of his comrades was revealing.

“Bill Clinton is the one of the most moral people I have ever known,” said Steve Grossman, a chair of the Democratic National Committee, to reporters.  To those familiar with leftists, Grossman made perfect sense because of the way they define morality.

For progressives it is all about controlling you for your own good (and theirs). Their fear is not the guns in their hands (military, police), it is the guns in yours.

If gun control rants can take the heat off them for their moral depravities that is just icing on the cake.

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