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What’s Worth Standing For? – LewRockwell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 20, 2017

The “One” that all collectivists insist upon cannot be maintained if some are able to get away with not playing the game.

Patriotic rituals serve one purpose: to reinforce the conditioning begun in childhood with flag salutes and daily Pledges of Allegiance, reminding the citizens of a state that their lives are subservient to the collective interests of the established order.

Where hundreds or thousands of individuals gather for an event of common interest – such as a sporting events – the dynamics of mass psychology can be mobilized to remind those in attendance of the importance of commitments to matters that transcend the interests of their home team. Out come the flags accompanied by color-guards; a military band; and a singer to lead the crowd in the statist hymn: The Star-Spangled Banner.

The refusal of athletes or fans to stand for this observance of state dominance, is a public challenge to the homogenization of obedience to constituted authority; an admission that some – if only a handful – may be stepping to the beat of a different drummer than the one in the Marine Corps band.

The fear that not everyone is committed to group-thinking is what bothered Ron Paul’s critics when he was in Congress. His dissent cast in a 434-1 vote on a bill was certainly no threat to its enactment, but that it raised the specter of dissent challenged the political mantra e pluribus unum. 

The “One” that all collectivists insist upon cannot be maintained if some are able to get away with not playing the game.

So why don’t you like kneelers? Because they are dis’ing the country or because they aren’t following the plan like all good citizens?

It is too bad sports is the platform for this particular dissent.  Valid, intelligent argument is hard to find.

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